The last day already

Our last day here in paradise and one last post before losing the wifi connection. 

Today’s agenda:

A little playtime in the snow,

Snowshoeing around an alpine lake

Maybe a few pictures with the war bonnet

And tons of moments to breath in deeply

Picture from yesterday and the beautiful Sierra as seen from the buttermilks. 

This one is for you my friend Marcus in case your mountain view turns gray on this trip. Hugs xoxoxo


10 thoughts on “The last day already

      1. Hehe must be beautiful 😀 Well, I see pictures, so it is. I always grew up near more woody areas and rivers, and a not-too-far drive to the beach. But where I am near Atl, GA now, not too much water, which I miss. Closer to the mountains, like you! But I have lovely trees in my literal backyard! I love being outside. And a trail good for biking or walking, but I don’t like to go alone, so I don’t go much.

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