A little love from the trail…

Ok so it is true and my beloved mountains won in the decision of where to escape in the battle over mountain or sea. Stories will follow soon to explain more about the pictures, the adventure and an amazing, way too short get away.

Here is a little trail love from today and a heart shaped rock I found laying on the path. Sending you much love and will catch up reading you very soon. 

Xoxoxox ❤️


7 thoughts on “A little love from the trail…

  1. The beauty lies always in the detail my friend, thanks for sharing this! Sending you hugs from Amsterdam (in transit). I had hoped ( and still do) to see some beautiful mountain scenery later today when I will drive from Seattle to Portland, but the weather gods are calling for torrential rains. Have a blessed day tomorrow (for me it is already Wednesday 😉)

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    1. Once again you are so close to me and one day you will have to stop by for that tiramisu 😉. Have a safe trip and keeping my fingers crossed that you get a glimpse of some beautiful mountains. And if not I will have to post some to hold you over until next time. Hugs

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      1. Thanks my friend, this means so much! I sure hope I get to taste your tiramisu one day! Arrived safely and are now in my hotel after a 26 hour day, including the last 6 at work. But that’s life. And it is not too bad. Today only torrential rain, no mountains. But there will be plenty time in the summer to explore the Columbia Gorge, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens and the Cascades. Looking so much forward to it! Hope so much your are still enjoying your trip! Marcus

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      2. A beautiful area indeed to explore. Mount Rainier especially during wildflower season when the top is still snow capped.
        And I’m sure we will visit over tiramisu some day 😉
        Have a great trip my friend.

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      3. Thanks so much, the trip was exhausting, I’m dead meet in Seattle right now waiting for my noon flight home. Yesterday on my way pack from Portland I got to see Hood, Adams, St. Helens and Rainier. Awesome, even though it was only from the highway. I managed to get anfew shots out of the driving car, post is coming up. Hope you had a greta trip, need to catch up on my WP reading….Have a great day my friend!

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