A sweet day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a lovers holiday that is either loved or dreaded.

Dominated by the color of red and pink, hearts, flowers and chocolates, red has always been the color of love for me. Red is hot, red is fierce and well, somewhat dominating. Red demands attention as it draws all eyes to be fixed on you and you just can’t avoid getting noticed. The pop of color stands out against all others and requires the right amount of confidence and sass. And a red lip on top of hit seals the deal and you are unstoppable. I think confidence is attractive and beautiful, a great quality when kept in the right proportions. Far far away from arrogance and ignorance which are deal breakers in my book.  

I heard people say that red does not look good on them and I agree that red is probably not as easy to wear as most other colors. On the other hand and when it comes to me, people have always complimented me when I wear red. Perhaps it has to do with my complexion, color of hair or having enough confidence to wear it. I’m not sure and I don’t analyze it, I just like to wear it. 

I had a date with the Tooth-Fairy today and in honor of Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a little surprise for her and her wonderful staff. Tiramisu…in the form of my first Mason Jar Project. It turned out delicious and I will definitely do it again even though it requires a bit of work. It was mostly due to the presentation I had chosen which included lots of red and hearts. I think it was a hit and today was a sweet day as I got to deliver my sweet treat. And yes you guessed right and I did get to wear red today 😉


16 thoughts on “A sweet day

  1. Wow, looks beautiful and sure tastes delicious, my friend. I’d give an arm and a leg for one of those, instead I have the “not so nice” Holiday Inn Express breakfast ahead…lol…..about Valentine, there is a third possibility besides lovin’ or dreadin’ it…you can completely ignore it. I bring home flowers twice a month and I don’t need valentine for it 😉 my “bessere Hälfte” thinks the same…so no valentine 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, no arm and leg required and all you have to do is to stop by with your “bessere Hälfte” and I’ll be happy to make one for the both of you 😉.
      You are absolutely right with your thoughts about Valentine and I don’t need a holiday either to celebrate as everyday can be valentines of you don’t take things and life for granted. Good for you 👍🏼 I love it

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  2. Happy valentines my friend. This post is as sweet as you! And the mason jars are definitely stealing the show. Maybe you should come up with another post about the detailed effort you had to put in alongwith the recipe. I can’t stop drooling hehe.

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    1. Awe that is so sweet and happy Valentine’s Day to you my friend. You have given me an idea and I might just have to share and make a post out of the recipe. In the meantime you are welcome to come by anytime and I will make you one unless you enjoy to continue drooling 😉


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