Not again…Grrrrr 

Ok, so I have been known to have done this a few times before, but it’s been awhile and I was happy to forget about it. You write something of substance and feel pretty good about it, you’re nearly done as you check it over once more, almost there you decide to make a slight correction and then it happens. You hit the unknown mystery button that makes nearly all of your written words disappear, wiping out whole paragraphs. Frantically to try to reverse whatever you did, but oh no…not that again….grrrr and you are left at square one and a good practice run as you decide to start over or not.

There is no going back, no undo that will correct what you just did and worst of all you don’t even know what it is you did and which evil little button did such a horrible thing as to delete all of your words. And on top of it you don’t know how to prevent it as it could happen again in the future, and it has, multiple times by now. Now that some time has passed, it’s almost comical, but it definitely was not when it happened.  Shouldn’t there be a warning of some sort? Some kind of confirmation? Everything else of minor importance asks you to confirm a hundred times by saying “Are you sure you want to proceed?” Danger, this can not be undone and will be gone forever????  Nothing….just pooooof……gone. Really…”Tell me that I am not the only one this has ever happened to”

Well ok, only pictures it will be from a prior ocean trip to Monterrey, CA. With the upcoming adventure loading and a few days off coming up, the destination remains to be a secret and you will have to check back to see if my beloved mountains or the warmer ocean climate will win. 😉

This picture was taken along the shoreline in front of this massive cypress tree while leaving the foggy ocean to a mystery in the background. 

And we almost picked up a passenger with one of my furry little friends who wasn’t ready to part ways yet and almost made it inside the car. 


16 thoughts on “Not again…Grrrrr 

  1. You are in good company, my friend! I can’t count how often that happens. If only WP would introduce an “undo”. Thus, when writing longer posts, I write in any other programm (Word, Mail) and copy the contents over. Lost too many posts, and can’t even describe what button I pressed before the words disappeared. Bloody IT…..have a great day, I’ll spend mine trapped in a steel tube at 40.000 ft over the Atlantic once more….Marcus

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    1. Have a safe trip my friend and thank for letting me know I’m not the only one this happens to. The funny thing is that I used another writing program and I do copy it over to WordPress too once I think that I’m done. And still even in that other program the mystery button wiped out everything lol.
      Have a safe journey my friend. I will be waiving to the skies to say hello to you. 😉

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