State of Emergency 

Reno, Lake Tahoe and all surrounding areas have declared a state of emergency for severe flooding this weekend. 2017 has barely started, but already it will be life changing for many living in the low lying areas of the flood path. The last big flood was in 1997 causing the Truckee River to burst over its natural embankment while flooding downtown, a buzzing business district that relies heavily on tourism.  We had more snow this winter than in previous seasons and several significant storms helped eliminate prior drought conditions. Lake beds are restored back to its natural rim while reservoirs are filling up with the additional moisture. Great news all in all but the forecast has gone beyond a good thing and is calling for 12 inches of rain starting now. To put this into perspective, I learned that one inch of rain is equivalent to 12 inches of snow this morning, wow. Concerns are that the coming rain will melt the snowpack and the Truckee River is expected to flood by tomorrow. Preparations are underway and shelters are in place to help those affected. 

My heart goes out to the families as I say a prayer, hoping for minimal damage and loss.


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