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A Christmas wish…

Christmas is a magical time for me and has always been. It is easy to see as to why I feel connect in so many ways to this extraordinary time of year. And if I allow my analytical mind to engage, I know that it connects to my inner core and my beliefs, which are so much more and a way of life for me. I know that it will always be more than just a seasonal Christmas wish and it might be a wish for world peace – to heal the world. Here are a few thoughts that come to mind.

Oneness- It’s a time we huddle together when storms whip through the lands. When we remember friends and family and come together as one. It’s a time we make it a priority to spend time with the ones that should always matter the most. And if distance keeps us apart like me and my loved ones in Germany, it is a time I’m closer than any other time as I wrap them deep within my heart. I miss you beyond words….
Festivities and decor-It’s a time we string the house with lights, decorate our dwellings and shine just a little bit brighter through the dark of night. As we light up the sky, a beacon shines bright as we are never lost and always find our way back home. 

Mother Nature-We incorporate Mother Nature into our homes as a festive tree casts its golden glow. Blinking lights or a steady stream, the magic of a fairytale is casting dancing shadows onto our walls, whisking us away to a wonderland of dreams and make believe. Don’t forget to breathe deeply and relax in believe. 

A season to give-May we be reminded of how good it feels to give. Smiles fill the rooms, with eyes open wide as we unwrap the thoughtful gifts and dance with excitement. And while many are less fortunate than we are, let us not forget that it doesn’t cost a thing to give a smile, a hug and a little compassion. We may even make a strangers day and instill the hope of a reminder that not all is lost. 

Spirit-It’s a time we get into the Christmas spirit and sing Christmas carol’s from the top of our lungs. A saying (Quote) hanging at my mothers house describes that he/she who sings that everything echoes each day, is believed to live a long happy fulfilled life. I’m not sure how this quote came to be and who believed in such, but maybe it’s a metaphorical reminder that we should sing from the top of our lungs a little more often. So maybe just go for it….

Family activities-It’s a time we fill the house with the sweet smell of baked goods and kick back to marvel in old movie classics and new ones. We wear ugly Christmas sweaters and might even make some new Christmas traditions.

It’s a time we go sledding, snowshoeing, skiing and engage in all kinds of winter fun. And it is usually during those times that we do laugh out loud, with heartfelt humor, all while making the memories we will hold dear for years to come. 

It’s a time of magic and wonder, a time of opening our hearts just a little bit more and a time to believe in all mankind and humanity. A time to hold our loved ones near and a time to bestow a little blessings through the act of kindness. 

My Christmas wish for you is that you enjoy all of these wonders, that you feel loved but also remember to love. May your season be filled with warmth, wonder and many special moments and memories. 
And if you want to, you might even ask yourself “Why stop here and why not carry a little magic throughout the year”.

Happy Holidays….

Xoxoxoxo ❤️



I'm a dreamer and hopeless romantic who believes that there is always a silver lining to everything. Now, inspired by the simple life, I have learned that less is more and that we find magic all around us if we take the time to notice. Life is a journey and a process that is ever changing. We are constantly evolving in the matter of who we are as we align our stars and shed a past no longer in line with our highest self. I don't easily fit conventional norms, not because I'm a rebel, but because of resenting the pull that threatens to take me away from my true beliefs and my unique personal identity. I support the power of "Choice" and the ability for us to be the architects of our own lives. Some of these choices should have something a little wild about them as they form the moments that forever stay edged in our memory and make our hearts beat with wonder. Nobody will remember the ordinary. For myself, I'm a warrior who has fallen many times, who has gone through trails an tribulations and who is no stranger to adversity. After all, my choice remains clear, to get back up and stand stronger than ever. To recognize that it often takes our darkest moments to mold us into who we were meant to be. I have learned to trust the process and stay positive through the challenges. I trust it to be the only way to prevent my heart from hardening and allowing bitterness to creep in. I believe in the power of "NOW" as it is the only moment we truly ever have. The past is gone, unchangeable and the future hasn't happened yet. All we can impact is the current moment. Everything starts with a choice and hopefully with one that has something wild about it and may even scare you to death to execute. DO IT...I promise you won't regret it. This blog is my voice to share my Journey. If I could describe this adventure in short, I would call it "Spiritual awakening" with a yearning for "Freedom" and going after the things that truly matter. To seek a less complicated life that is stripped down from the many obligations and responsibilities that often tie us down. For me it is a life free of rules and regulations, one that allows me to escape the must expectations while jumping off the hamster wheel that is spinning faster all the time. To be on my own time and live each day to the fullest, to make it all slow down by banishing routine and unleashing my creativity/artistic values in an effort to entertain whatever subject comes to mind. And if lucky, to perhaps offer a different view to my readers, one that speaks to your soul vs. the demands of what society might expect. It is one that empowers you to be your unique self and follow the beat of your own drum. I am dreaming big as I trail blaze the path to a new life and becoming a storyteller. I find my inspiration in the little things in life, in Mother Nature and on the trail that provides the adventures and the backdrop for a book someday. My hope is to inspire "Courage" in others who might find themselves on the brink of taking that first step. This blog serves as a foundation for my collection of personal thoughts, opinions and experiences and by no means am I an expert on any topics mentioned. To my readers I would say that the universe connects us by a common thread, we all search and we all have something to say. We don't always have to meet in person to share a strong bond and people enter our path for a reason. Some stay for a short time and serve their purpose, while others teach us a lesson and help us become stronger through experience. And a few special ones remain as the treasures we hold dear over a lifetime and touch our hearts beyond means. In whatever way we are meant to be, I thank you for crossing my path and for stopping by. I hope that I have left you inspired, full of wonder and with a few "Wild Choices" to make....Hugs XO

19 thoughts on “A Christmas wish…

    1. Thank you so much, you are so kind to me.
      Wishing you a wonderful, warm Christmas and holiday season filled with special moments and memories. May you always know what joy you bring to the world and be blessed. Hugs to you my friend. ❤️

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  1. You too, my friend. Merry Xmas! As you know Raven and I will be alone this Xmas. I have bought everything she wanted for a perfect British dinner. She is ecstatic, even if it’s not a party. She’d always wanted to stay home to celebrate and this year her wish will be granted.
    I wish you all the best, from the bottom of my heart. 💜❤️💙💚💛

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    1. That is wonderful and I know you will enjoy your time together. Don’t forget to blast that Pentatonix CD 😉. So happy you get to spend peaceful time together and wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with many special moments and memories.
      Thinking of you. Hugs my friend and enjoy ❤️

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      1. We have it all planned out in our unplanned ways but the music blasting in our stereo will definitely be Pentatonix. 😊😊😊
        Enjoy your holidays too and let’s hope 2017 brings better luck.
        On a side note, I bought the coconut oil yesterday!

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  2. I did not used to love the Christmas season, but that gash in my soul is slowly healing. Sleeping in the light of the Christmas tree and listening to the Pentatonix Holiday Pandora Station have brought me great peace this year. I think that you beautifully described the important parts of Christmas, and I too hope that perhaps the magic of this season can be carried throughout the year. My boys and I found this tree magically hung with candy canes and ornaments in the middle of the woods.

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    1. Hi Patty, this warms my heart that you found some magic this holiday season and that you have fond memories. My holidays were spent being sick this year and had nothing magical about them, but I’m glad that I’m getting better and I’m not complaining.
      Happy New Year my beautiful friend. ❤️❤️❤️


  3. Belated Merry Christmas and a very very happy New Year precious Moonchild! I am back and fighting hard 😉 Reading your words reminded me that I should never have left for such a long time in the first place. I hope your year is going to be full of magic and long walks in Nature. (extra big Wonder Woman hugs)

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    1. OMGoodness, you are back and you won’t believe how much I have truly missed you. I thought about you so much and if I ever learn more of how to use this app, I probably could have figured out how to contact you.
      This makes my day and you brought a little sunshine to the rain and snowy storm clouds that keep whipping over my land. I missed you my sweet soul sister and I’m so glad you are back.
      Life has been busy, holiday season in retail, inventory today and gotten sick over the holiday which I’m slowly recovering from, reaching a point I can work again. More tests ahead but better for now. I have to get ready for work in a minute and have lots of catching up to do. Can’t wait to write more.
      Welcome back love….xoxoxoxo

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  4. Hi my dear friend, I am reading this post while waiting for my check out time on a beach resort in the Belle Creole side of Sint Maarten. I’ve felt so toched by your words… this year I’ve been living my holidays on a tropical island with my love and some friends and it was one of the years I’ve felt the most of these feelings you’re describing. It’s a blessing for me to hear these thought from you, so I wish you a wonderful new year with the best of 2016 and all the infinite possibilities a sensitive and powerful warrior’s path like yours can bring. A big hug from a place that for the first time is closer to you than any other I’ve been writing to you from… who knows, maybe one more step to meet you one day! xoxoxo Luca

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    1. Thank you my beautiful friend, my connected soul brother. I know we will meet some day and somehow I know it’s just what is in the stars for us. It would be wonderful.
      I’m glad you had an amazing holiday season and it sounds like you made beautiful memories that will warm your heart for all eternity. Xoxoxoxo ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹


      1. Yeah, I understand…I love atmosphere of the season, cold and dry…Christmas when I was young was quite interesting. Although we were not rich, but always celebrate it in our simple way back in Africa. My mum was caterer and cooks good food, we in invite friends to come eat, and at the end of the day we go to bed with our Christmas clothes…lol..

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