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3 Day Music Video Challenge

Life has become very hectic in my little corner of the world and a few weeks ago I was nominated once more for the 3 Day quote challenge by my dear friend who is unfortunately tied up with life as well at Regardless of such, please stop by his blog and give him some love. May he know that he is missed and find the time to see us more. I’m a sucker for quotes as they hold infinite wisdom to me. I have lived through quite a few, but then haven’t we all?

I decided to change it up a bit and introduce a music challenge instead of doing the quote challenge again. Music has always been a huge part of my life and it is not just one style or genre that appeals to me. I believe that music begins where words stop to convey, taking on a multitude of meaning to the listener. Music is a little like the motions of my mood, not that it is a roller coaster but there are up’s and down’s and after all it was The day of up’s and down’s that I was born on. Some days you just need a certain beat to celebrate and rock out to, while on other days you may need the soothing and comforting effects that a melody can bring to your life.

There is the European in me that loves the beats of dance music, the rocker that listens to classic rock while driving probably a little too fast. Windows down in the car, or surrounded by freedom on the motorcycle, (Music playing in my mind only) and happy to be alive. There is some country rock in me that soothes my soul and makes me pause to contemplate life, and there is the undeniable unique music from my home country that reminds me of good times spent with friends and family. It’s not about the music style, but more about the experience, the time shared together which I miss more and more. Further there is Reggae which is just plain old “Feel good, happy music” to me and you cant help but put on your happy face and feel a bit feisty while listening to it.

I added a new music genre a few years back which is alternative and it has become my most listened to genre. Something changed within and it was no longer only the beats that dominated the liking of a song, but more the emotional connection to the lyrics. The meaning of the song, whether it was a personal theme song filled with motivation to reach for the stars or something else, there was always a deeper meaning.

I love to explore new music and thought it would be cool to do a 3 Day music video challenge. To learn about new artists and the feelings behind the liking. Please know that if you are nominated, you are under no means obligated to participate but if you are, then I can’t wait to see your post.

The rules are simple:

  • One Music Video for a total of 3 days
  • Link back to the person that nominated you
  • A brief description what this song means to you and why you selected it
  • Nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge

Here is my first Music Video and I hope you enjoy it. It’s about the human spirit, the strength that we find when there is nothing left but being strong. Sometimes life is nothing more than a big challenge and while you have to push yourself, there is always a way and a choice that is yours to behold. I connect to the lyrics, even more so now that a major change is upon me, but they also remind me of my adventures in nature and being wild and free for the time, no matter how long I was given. I’m often nothing more than a big kid and it serves me well in a world that can be frightening and a bit too serious at times. I am the underdog, the outlaw by not always fitting in and who Does not play well with others . The rules and expectations of conventional life are often not a good fit for me and I do become a bit like the renegade who is not afraid to say what’s on my mind. I lead to the beat of my own drum, not because I want to rebel but because it is the only way to stay true to myself. Sadly it’s often frowned upon, not received well or understood and therefore it’s not always accepted. However it is the very reason as to why you just have to run away sometimes, to be wild and free, to be able to be yourself. Let’s be renegades….

My nomination for Day 1 is my close friend David at who also shares a special connection to music. Not only is he an amazing artist in touch with nature and the human spirit but also one of the nicest people you will ever encounter and I do hope we meet some day 😉

(PS. Hey I did it…embed, embed, embed :)….classic site)

Enjoy xoxoxxoxo

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Living vs. being ALIVE…

If you follow my blog then you know that the trail often calls my name and nature for me is a way to escape a life filled with responsibilities and duties. From time to time bits and pieces of my life flash by me like the segments of an old movie reel. Black and white images, frayed and shaking against the backdrop, trying to hold on, trying to find their place. For a moment my strength subsides and I yearn to lower my shield. Exhausted from having to be so strong, I look for a break where my vulnerability can roam without the fear of harms way. To drop the responsibility and to set my inner child free that never got to see its childhood come to full terms. It was my Dad’s tragic accidental death at the age of ten which signifies the end of my childhood and the begin of adulthood that came way to soon. 

Life as I knew it had stopped for me and I lost my hero and best friend that day. There was no professional help to cope with the loss and to this day I don’t think that my Mom ever realized how much my Dad’s death impacted my life. I’m sure she was trying to find her own way of dealing with the loss of her soulmate and now raising me on her own. I would like to think that overall she did a great job and I never got into any serious trouble and grew up with values, a great work ethic and manners. I wonder if that is really what it is all about because despite it being so, I never learned how to actually live and there are no schools that teach you what should be most important. Today and going forward my hunger to live more is greater than ever….

It was many years later that I realized that my childhood died with my Dad. In school I found it hard to relate to other kids and I simple had no place amongst the popular crowds. Not because I was “nerdy” but because I had nothing to share. There were no stories to tell, no adventures of what I did with my Dad last weekend and hearing the other kids talk, was nothing more than a painful reminder that I was alone. Eventually I avoided being around those scenarios and perhaps it was the beginning of my introversion. 

I lost my place in society as the place it offered to me was too painful to be around. Every once in awhile a faint memory of my childhood emerges that somehow had vanished until that moment. As if it was hidden in a way to protect myself from the trauma of my Dad’s death. Maybe it is to be revealed now and maybe my adult self is ready to deal with those moments better than I could at the age of ten. I recall the silly times with my Dad, the carefree moments of just laughing and letting my soul hang loose without fear and constraints. 

Today it is nature and the trail that offers that outlet to me along with a few very special People in my life. It is then and there when that inner child emerges and I hear the voice (literally) coming from within to play, to be silly and to be a part of what will become a lasting special memory. Urging me to drop life and all its seriousness for a moment and instead take as much time as possible to truly be alive. 

Picture from my backyard “Lake Tahoe” ❤️

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When people give you Lemons ,

When people give you lemons, life will make you choose. You can either make lemonade and move on or become a victim. Life itself has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone and the timing is seldom right. Or so we think and we feel unprepared and would much rather put things off. Maybe it is the ego that challenges us and instills doubt by making us believe that we are not ready. Not ready for the unknown and the fear of change is frightening us. Life as we know it, is about to take on new dimensions and we don’t know what to expect. And just maybe the changes are so huge that we can’t envision how they are going to fall into place. Just yet. We know that the road will tough, lined with obstacles and it won’t be easy. Our soul feels tired in ways that sleep can’t recover. And last but not least we are required to be strong because the warrior inside of us has been summoned once more to rise and fight for the life it seeks and deserves. 
Life has pushed me and life has finally grown tired of my procrastination. In a good way that is and the optimist in me knows that it is forcing me to put myself first for a change. And while I do find myself out of my comfort zone and a bit overwhelmed, I know this has been long overdue. I need to keep the focus as it is the only way. Timing might be everything, ready or not, and luckily if anything, my motto has always been to make lemonade. I’m a fighter and a warrior choosing the path of the light instead of the dark. 

Thank you all for your kind words and please know that I’m ok. I’m still processing and forging my path. My mind is tired and I hope you can be patient until I can come back and write more frequently. 
Hugs and best to all 

Rhapsody Bohème ❤️

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And so it begins…

I know what’s next and so it begins.

Few things make me truly angry and while the initial anger, 

the feeling of deceit and betrayal subsides, 

I realize that everything is exactly how it needs to be. 

A new Canto in my life’s poem is about to begin.

And I embrace it with all my might. 
(Stay tuned….)

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I love black and white photography and once upon a time it used to be all there was before color came along. I believe it has come a long way and today black and white photography no longer presents a lack of luster and vibrancy, but often adds drama and intensity to the overall pictures. I love the stark contrasts that seem to tell a story all of their own and the beauty that comes to the forefront without competing for the limelight. 

I loved how the black and white picture turned out from yesterdays hike. The landscape beckoned for the drama only a black and white can bring to the table and yet there was something more I wanted to share with you. I’m surrounded by some of the bluest waters you could ever imagine and I felt like I was depriving you of something. While the black and white remains a favorite, I cannot deny you the blue….

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First snow hike

Finally….today was a much needed day spent on the trail before heading into another six day stretch and only one day off for the third week in a row. Days like these are seldom to come by right now and who knows when the next one will be, but in the meantime… was beautiful. 

Many would say that the hiking season is over, but for a true lover of nature and a hiker I don’t think that statement ever speaks the truth. I have hiked all year around and sometimes you just need to scope out where the best weather is. Probably the only element that deters me a bit are strong winds when it’s cold outside and that will give you a headache for sure and make for a miserable day. On the other hand, hiking in the snow or while it is snowing is very peaceful and nourishing to my soul. Again people may think that the snow is too cold, but you’ll be amazed how nice and warm the sun feels on your skin and if you’re not careful you will hike away with a good sunburn from this seemingly too cold encounter. 

Today, I was amazed at how much moisture the recent storms brought to the Sierra. The water levels had risen to submerge my beach and I had no choice but to climb to higher grounds to find a dry sunbathing rock. I was not prepared to find that much snow on the trail and it was pretty deep in a few parts causing the bottom of my pants getting heavy from the wet weight. My shoes also suffered and eventually I could feel my socks getting pretty wet inside of them. Hey, but on the bright side and the silver lining of the story is that my shoes were in desperate need to wash the dust of the previous trails away and after today they are back to almost looking brand new. Almost 😉

There were also a few bonuses today in the form of wildlife. I saw a huge heard of pronghorn antelopes, I know the general area they hang out and I always look to spot them. I have never seen so many all at once until today and it’s nice to see this unusual almost out of place looking animal population thriving in healthy numbers. I saw too many deer’s to count today, a donkey, wild horses, four coyotes, chipmunks, alpacas and a bald eagle flying high above me while sunbathing. 

Yep….I would say that “It was a good day”

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Truth unleashed 

Something happened today that left me a little stumped to be honest. It takes a lot and actually much more happened than just being perplexed. It’s almost comical now and yet I don’t usually take it lightly because when you hire and fire people, people’s lives are about to be affected. Today was mind boggling and perhaps I thought I had seen it all throughout my years in retail. Today proved that it wasn’t so. Never say never comes to mind and it’s still a “shaking my head” kind of moment.

We are in the middle of our busiest season already and I’m up to my ears emerged in hiring. I don’t usually ask you the typical interview questions that you can google and then ramble off to me like a robot, I want to get to know YOU. Who are you, what makes you tick, what’s your pet peeve and stuff like that. Sixty some people I’m trying to find, staking out and pursuing talent that could be a great addition to the team, sixty different personalities to cater too, to top out at a total headcount of 95 people when everything is said and done. 

A group interview is scheduled today with three potential new employees, carefully selected by my assistant and me. (Despite the initial negative phone screening, my assistant gives in and invites one candidate against her gut feeling of him not being a good fit). The human element wins and we just want to give him a chance. And by all means I’m usually all for it and be the first one to extend such a chance, but I also know that your initial gut feeling is not to be ignored and proves right all too often. The first applicant (the one) arrives, shirt and tie he is professional in appearance and right away I think he means business and is dressed to impress. After all first impressions are everything and it definitely beats the person rolling in in flip flops, a bandana and a tank top a few weeks ago.

I reach out for a handshake and find myself holding this lifeless peace of meat like hand. I want to squeeze it really hard, shake it vigorously while talking with a raised voice and telling him how nice it is to meat….oh meet I mean. Two more people show up and off we go to start the group interview. He slouches down in the chair (might as well be comfortable) as I start with the introductions. It doesn’t take but a moment and he has left the interview in a mental sense and the empty shell of his body remains. Staring around he room, he has no interest in paying attention, nor does he care about what any of us have to say. I decide to direct a question towards him by addressing him with his name (Sonny). After the second time Sonny finally hears his name, turns, looks at me and says “What was the question”? I patiently repeat it, now for the third time that is. It’s a simple question and I just want to know what he does for fun. Out comes this long winded answer that goes on for five minutes (at least) and you might think that Sonny must have tons of fun. I couldn’t tell you, as his response has nothing to do with the question I asked. And frankly he is rambling on about various things of which I’m now getting lost in because I don’t know what the connection seems to be. I almost entirely forget what the heck I asked him the begin with. If I was a mindreader, I swear I can feel the brain of the other two applicants snickering and wondering from which rock this guy crawled out from. 

He tells me that he applied here three times already and I asked him what happened. He has no clue and “they” just never called him back. “Surprise” is the word coming to mind and I can’t help but wonder why. Mmmmmh. He continues to stare around the room as other people talk and every once in awhile he snaps back to the current time only to interrupt everybody. He decides to step up his game and he now is becoming real sly, borderline arrogant as he nods at me and says “So, hey 😉😉😉😉😉 where are you from in Germany” “Do you like it here” “Do you make a lot of money” “How long have you been here” “How long are you working today”???? It starts to feel a bit as if “Gods gift to women” is starting to hit on me. To his dismay it was more annoying than flattering, nor was it the right place or time, but I got to give the small time gangster some props. He is going for it and has ambition, even if it wasn’t the smartest move. Come on you got to give to him. (Not really). I still let him do his thing and despite I don’t agree with his behavior, I remain respectful and it is not up to me to judge him. Perhaps Sonny thought his cockiness would land the job, but sadly you were mistaken Sonny. I was actually looking for somebody that could have fun at work instead of a pick up artist. You might have missed the question and perhaps you want to remove this skill of disrespect from your resume. 

I meet with him one on one after the interview (I’m not going to embarrass him in front of the group….or alone) and he tells me again that it took him three times already applying here for work. He seems sure of himself, could it be that he thinks that he got the job???? Really….perhaps he was so absent during the interview that he never noticed that he wasn’t really scoring any points. 

Again he says nobody got back to him from his previous attempts as he sits in front of me, slumped in his chair sizing me up. By now I almost want to laugh, is he even for real? I can’t anymore and he requires a different kind of help all together. He has brought me to the point of tough love and brutal honesty, the point the truth has to be unleashed in the most direct and purest form. I start by telling him that I won’t leave him hanging in mystery. I am telling him right now that we will not proceed with employment and that I don’t think this could work out. He is surprised and requires an explanation. 

“You don’t really want to be here and you don’t care. You want to collect a paycheck, I need somebody that fits the team and wants to have fun. You are not paying attention to anything others have to say. Questions have to be repeated and then you still don’t answer them and tip toe around the subject. You are disrespectful, you interrupt everybody and on top of it your behavior and comments are inappropriate”.

“That’s your opinion” he says to me and he still does not get the point. I much rather would have hired him and it takes a lot to push me into the corner. Yet sometimes somebody just has to do the dirty and today it was me. 

“You are right, (I say) it is my opinion, but I also know how busy it will get here and if you can’t even give somebody the respect during the interview process, (where you truly should be on your best behavior if you want the job) you will not have a good time here and you will get lost in the shuffle. I don’t want that for you Sonny so in a way I’m really doing you a favor by not hiring you. I am not here to put you down, but I imagine that you will continue your job hunt and have interviews in the near future, right? He confirms and my last words of advice are that he can take it or leave it of what I have to say, but if he takes anything away from today, then please act somewhat interested when the person that can extend a job offer is speaking to you. Geeez…..sadly Sonny managed to be one of the few I had to say NO to. Best of luck next time.