Spirit visit 

It was right after I got up this morning and while passing by the dining room table that I noticed movement in the backyard. I got closer to the window to see what had caught my attention and found myself face to face with a Hawk. The magnificent animal was sitting within a short distance on a branch, staring at me and watching my every move. His eyes were focused on me with such intense clarity and crystal clear vision that I could feel his gaze burn itself right into my soul. His eyes demanded respect and focus as I stood frozen in time. It wasn’t the first time that I was paid a visit from the Hawk spirit animal and I remembered back to a few prior visits. Always admiring this animal from a distance before, this was different and I never encountered the fixed stare before. It captured me to just stand there in silence, compelled to stare back at him as if he was ready to begin speaking to me. I felt transported to somewhere else, like into a movie snippet, a scene from a science fiction where the Hawk came to visit a human to deliver a message. Drama music playing in the background and all. Was he here to drive awareness and redirect my focus? Was there a reason behind the visit? The timing was definitely extraordinary and made sense in many ways but of course I couldn’t be sure and it is up to us how we want our mind to interpret these visits. If we see them as visits and signs from the spirit world or if we dismiss them to coincidental events. For me they were signs and my awareness of these signs was sharp and clear with no doubt about them. 

Researching the presence of the Hawk, I learned that when he comes to visit you, you might have the inclination of using the power of intuition and vision in your daily life. The Hawk provides the wisdom of seeing situations from a higher perspective through increased observation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. The Hawk is a messenger from the spirit world and a great companion to develop spiritual awareness. He directs you to the power of focus through a clear vision and guides you to take the lead when the timing is right. 

With all things transpired in my life recently, I felt that they demanded the intuition and the crystal clear vision of the Hawk. 

Coincidence? I think not


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