When people give you Lemons ,

When people give you lemons, life will make you choose. You can either make lemonade and move on or become a victim. Life itself has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone and the timing is seldom right. Or so we think and we feel unprepared and would much rather put things off. Maybe it is the ego that challenges us and instills doubt by making us believe that we are not ready. Not ready for the unknown and the fear of change is frightening us. Life as we know it, is about to take on new dimensions and we don’t know what to expect. And just maybe the changes are so huge that we can’t envision how they are going to fall into place. Just yet. We know that the road will tough, lined with obstacles and it won’t be easy. Our soul feels tired in ways that sleep can’t recover. And last but not least we are required to be strong because the warrior inside of us has been summoned once more to rise and fight for the life it seeks and deserves. 
Life has pushed me and life has finally grown tired of my procrastination. In a good way that is and the optimist in me knows that it is forcing me to put myself first for a change. And while I do find myself out of my comfort zone and a bit overwhelmed, I know this has been long overdue. I need to keep the focus as it is the only way. Timing might be everything, ready or not, and luckily if anything, my motto has always been to make lemonade. I’m a fighter and a warrior choosing the path of the light instead of the dark. 

Thank you all for your kind words and please know that I’m ok. I’m still processing and forging my path. My mind is tired and I hope you can be patient until I can come back and write more frequently. 
Hugs and best to all 

Rhapsody Bohème ❤️


2 thoughts on “When people give you Lemons ,

  1. A well written piece on change 👏👏 The majority of human beings strives to protect their status quo, building a fence around their lives, living peacefully (and sometimes frustrated) within, and situations of change put a bucket of ice cubes in their stomachs. But there always have been the visionaries, the pioneers, who embrace the adventures of life and who walk on the path of change towards the unknown, often towards a brighter future, trusting their intuition and their experiences. Best wishes for you on your path!

    P.S.: when life throws lemons at you, you can also make Limoncello from them 😉

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    1. Thank you very much and I haven’t had Limoncello in years 😉. It’s time.
      You are so right and I believe that no matter what life throws your way, we always have a choice of what we make of it. It will be a brighter future in the end I know.

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