I love black and white photography and once upon a time it used to be all there was before color came along. I believe it has come a long way and today black and white photography no longer presents a lack of luster and vibrancy, but often adds drama and intensity to the overall pictures. I love the stark contrasts that seem to tell a story all of their own and the beauty that comes to the forefront without competing for the limelight. 

I loved how the black and white picture turned out from yesterdays hike. The landscape beckoned for the drama only a black and white can bring to the table and yet there was something more I wanted to share with you. I’m surrounded by some of the bluest waters you could ever imagine and I felt like I was depriving you of something. While the black and white remains a favorite, I cannot deny you the blue….


14 thoughts on “Blue….

  1. Wow…blue is beautiful 😎… don’t ask how many times I sit in front of my Mac helplessly trying to decide if I like better the monochrome or color version of my photo. I like your approach….show both, but not side-by-side. Have a great Sunday!

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  2. Beautiful. Which place is this ? I love the snaps. And I love the blue colour aswell… it’s so royal, noble , serene, landscaped, and nature’s key ingredient. This was simply amazing. An amazing treat for my eyes to watch.

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  3. I agree it depends on the mood for me too. I love black and white photography for what it is, and for the dramatic timeless look that it conveys. This place is truly amazing in both views. and I appreciate seeing it in its full glory 🙂 I wonder how the shot would look if you mixed them… just leaving the blue water in color. Lol

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