Giants don’t sleep

A beautiful post by a dear friend from Italy. Words have become such a big meaning to me and Luca does such a wonderful job touching on subjects close to my heart. I hope you stop by and check out his body of work.

Luca Povoleri

Humans don’t sleep in winter. Maybe we grew smarter to rule over nature. Or maybe we grew smaller and forgot the song of the hearth with her allegrettos and her adagios.

Somehow we can still feel the soporific tension to oblivion though. That silent invitation to leave the excitement of the full sun and repair to rest and recover.

Mist is back in my Milan. It’s curious. When I left 5 years ago the mist wasn’t reaching the center anymore.

Back to those times I felt my city becoming every day less Milan, like her soul was beginning to fade, left unprotected by the soft cover of her most romantic morning cloak. Too much light may hurt.

Maybe it was me. How many times we project ourself into the world to feel more safe. We want things to be in our mind grasp to avoid seeing how big the universe…

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