First snow hike

Finally….today was a much needed day spent on the trail before heading into another six day stretch and only one day off for the third week in a row. Days like these are seldom to come by right now and who knows when the next one will be, but in the meantime… was beautiful. 

Many would say that the hiking season is over, but for a true lover of nature and a hiker I don’t think that statement ever speaks the truth. I have hiked all year around and sometimes you just need to scope out where the best weather is. Probably the only element that deters me a bit are strong winds when it’s cold outside and that will give you a headache for sure and make for a miserable day. On the other hand, hiking in the snow or while it is snowing is very peaceful and nourishing to my soul. Again people may think that the snow is too cold, but you’ll be amazed how nice and warm the sun feels on your skin and if you’re not careful you will hike away with a good sunburn from this seemingly too cold encounter. 

Today, I was amazed at how much moisture the recent storms brought to the Sierra. The water levels had risen to submerge my beach and I had no choice but to climb to higher grounds to find a dry sunbathing rock. I was not prepared to find that much snow on the trail and it was pretty deep in a few parts causing the bottom of my pants getting heavy from the wet weight. My shoes also suffered and eventually I could feel my socks getting pretty wet inside of them. Hey, but on the bright side and the silver lining of the story is that my shoes were in desperate need to wash the dust of the previous trails away and after today they are back to almost looking brand new. Almost 😉

There were also a few bonuses today in the form of wildlife. I saw a huge heard of pronghorn antelopes, I know the general area they hang out and I always look to spot them. I have never seen so many all at once until today and it’s nice to see this unusual almost out of place looking animal population thriving in healthy numbers. I saw too many deer’s to count today, a donkey, wild horses, four coyotes, chipmunks, alpacas and a bald eagle flying high above me while sunbathing. 

Yep….I would say that “It was a good day”


11 thoughts on “First snow hike

  1. Wow, great nature. Hiking there must truly be exhilarating. I try to imagine how the fresh, clear air of the Sierra tastes….Although nature is less spectacular around my home ( I’m living in a small village in the Nürnberger Reichswald) I do Nordic Walking (like cross country skiing without the skis) three times a week rain or shine or snow. The forest feels and smells differently in different weather and seasons and with good clothing and shoes being outdoors in snow and freezing temperatures is as vitalizing as walking through the woods in the summer. I need that physical exercise, it helped me loose 40 pounds over the course of a year and turn from a fat guy in an average guy feeling so much healthier. And probably just in time, as I’m turning 50 in January 😛

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    1. Thank you so much and once again you are right. Hiking in this area is amazing offering so much variety and a change in landscape no matter which direction you go.
      Your landscape may be not as spectacular but what is more important is that you get out and that you can recognize those feelings of being attuned to nature. The smells and sounds, the way it makes you feel.
      Many live close to natural marvels and never appreciate them.
      And as far as age, it’s nothing but a number and good for you trying to live healthier. 😉 you look great my friend and I have two years on you. So listen to your elders 😉. Have a great day.

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  2. Nice post! Totally agree that hiking is a year round vocation. Exploring the area in different seasons can bring totally different experiences. The cold tends to bring otherwise aloof or high altitude animals to lower areas and easier sightings. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring…Happy Trails!

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