Happy Halloween

Halloween is a time for celebration and superstitions. I wonder how many little and fully grown goblins will walk into my place of work today. For sure I will snap a few pictures and serve some welcome candy for the little monsters. 

Did you know that Halloween is one of the most favorites holidays in the US? Perhaps it is that we find ourselves attracted to being in disguise and we enjoy the escape. Maybe it allows us to act and behave more carefree, a way we would otherwise avoid if we were just the same old us. Could it be that it is the process of transformation and taking on a new identity? To break away for a short time and drift off into the roam of fantasy. 

We have something similar in Germany called Fasching which will start on the 11th of November but lasts for weeks and well into the new year. The festivities are mainly on the weekends with masquerade balls and parties leading up to “Rosenmontag” and “Aschermittwoch” when everything comes to an end. I once heard a few people saying that we Germans like to party and have a a “Fest” (party, something to celebrate) each weekend. I call it life balance. There is more to life than just work and you might miss life all together when there is nothing but work. But this is a different post all together and I leave it with what I always say. “In Germany we are not lazy people, but we work for a living instead of living to work”. 

Another fun fact is that a fourth of all candy sales in the US happen during Halloween. 

Have a sweet day….


14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Everyone is entitled to some fun 😅. Although Halloween is not a typical German festivity there is no more escaping it. Retailers have professionally commercialized it. Hords of little skeletons and other monsters roam the streets. Yesterday in Italy it was the same. Was a very strange view though, to see the halloween parade in front of the majestic Rennaissance Buildings on the Piazza del Duomo in Cremona….personally, I’m into pumpkins as well, but more on the food side, as in fresh Pasta with a pumpkin-parmegian-amarettini stuffing 😛

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    1. I noticed a few years back while visiting his everything is getting more and more Americanized with businesses staying open later etc. I hope we never lose our work life balance and things don’t get as crazy as they are here.

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  2. I went trick or treating with Raven dressed in a cow onesie. She loves my silliness and we hadba wonderful couple of hours. Halloween is her favourite holiday and it’s enjoyment we both share every year. Just the two of us! 😉

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