Unusual encounters…

No this post is not about extraterrestrial encounters and aliens, even though I am in the proud possession of a Alien registration card (green card). What I’m talking about are my unusual encounters in nature, the animal world and a few spirit animals.I recently wrote about two encounters with spirit animals and there have been more since then. In due time and when fitting I plan to write about those incidents at a later post. Some animals keep reappearing and I believe it is then that they are meant to signal something and serve as a spirit guide. In hindsight I know that it was through those encounters that I was introduced to different phases of my life. I know they signaled of what was yet to come and somehow guided me by teaching me to listen and see the signs. Since, I have learned to pay attention to nature and feel that my intuition has grown as I find the truth in the animal kingdom and nature. Both hold all the answers to the questions we could ever have. 

I can’t help but wonder how others may feel about this. I wonder if you believe in animal spirits and the connection between animals and humans that requires no words? Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal while seeing a living soul instead of just a pet or an animal? You might relate and find yourself agreeing as it describes the world I live in. I’ve always had a pretty strong bond with these souls, domesticated and wild. Animals have a great meaning to me and I will swerve on the road to avoid running over a mouse. I have a few mouse traps in the garage and I hate them. I don’t want mice in the house but if one is caught in the trap, I’m the biggest pansy and I struggle to pick it up. Spiders are not my thing either and both will cause me years off of my life as well as gray hairs if I am forced to deal with them. 

Lately I have been thinking more about those animal encounters as these subjects have been emphasized through events transpired throughout the year. I am more aware today and recall older events as I notice the patterns. Maybe the reasons for these encounters point back to me and the person I have become. I believe animals pick up on our vibes, our personalities and I have seen dogs mimic the personality of their owners. Nervous or calm, it’s almost like a frequency we emit that allows animals to pick up on whether we are a danger to them or if we can be trusted. 

My encounters range from maybe “coincidental encounters” if that is what you want to believe they are, to the more strange and unexplainable moments that evoke a little more thought. Unusual encounters.

I have rabbits living in my backyard but I don’t exactly live out in the country. Granted there is much wildlife around the outlying areas of where I live, perhaps I can dismiss this one and check it off to coincidence. I also have squirrels that come to collect peanuts and other veggies on a daily basis as they also have made their home in my backyard. Earlier this year I had a couple of Dove’s make their nest on my porch, laying their eggs and I had a few Hawk’s visit in the past (another spirit animal). Partridges appear daily as the walk through the backyard with their distinguished calls, grooming the grounds. Still nothing too unusual but animals seem to flock to me and love my presence. 

My little buddy Luna, the Guinea pig gets all feisty when I come to visit her and her eyes get huge. She purrs and runs laps just like Nikki (my dog) used to do when she took off running her “Shiba 500”. I love to see marmots on the trail and had one that came down from it’s perch to naw on a bush, eating white little flowers right next to me. Usually they scurry away and hide into their burrows when they see humans. I have encountered deer on the trail, a few feet away from me and instead of taking off running, they just calmly look at me and pass me by as if I was one of them. All the Bears I had seen a few years back didn’t seem to have minded me either. I sit at a beach up at Lake Tahoe, look to my side, only to find somebody’s strange dog sitting right next to me that I have never seen before. No noise or sound, no nudge like “hey I’m here right next to you”, nothing, as it sits next to me just staring out onto the lake. Finally, I’m granted one last look before the beautiful soul turns and vanishes back into the woods where I hope its owner is as there has been no sight of one. Other squirrels encountered at the ocean, far away from my home try to climb up my leg and beg to be hand fed. As I have to say good bye, one squirrel is not having it and is trying to get into the car. It’s unusual encounters like these that I notice and come to appreciate. 

My friend David at hippiesartistsandfreaks.wordpress.com who I met online through artistful, a former website for artists has become a great friend over the years. He recently has joined me here on WordPress and I hope you check out his blog and show him some love. If you get to know him, you will discover the beautiful soul he is and I feel myself lucky, thankful and blessed that our paths have crossed. I do believe that people enter our lives for a reason and I had some pretty amazing people in my life, recently and past of who have great meaning to me.

David has followed my adventures for several years now and he once suggested that I might be an animal whisperer. And while I’m not sure if there is such an actual thing in real life, I love the sound of it and would be honored to be considered as such. What do you think, do you believe in animal whisperer’s or have experienced similar incidents?

One thing is for sure, I do love animals and the living souls they are to me.


2 thoughts on “Unusual encounters…

  1. I find it quite incredible the way animals take to you, and it speaks volumes of your unalarming presence in the wild. It’s one thing for domestic animals… but not very many people summon the wild ones as do you 🙂 And Thanks for the shout out and kind words my friend. You know your friendship means a lot to me too.

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    1. Thank you David, your words mean a lot as always and so does your friendship. You are very welcome and I’m so glad you have joined WordPress for you have so much to share and express. The world simply needs to see it, as it needs more people like you. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

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