A warriors victory 

Yesterday my friend at pattyspathtohealing reblogged one of my posts The Fight and I know that the words have meant a great deal to her. I feel honored, but most of all I am grateful to have come across Patty and learn more about the wonderful person she truly is. There have been tough times and while many of us endure struggle at some point of our lives, I can’t even begin to imagine the pain Patty had to experience. She is a Warrior Queen and strong, she is an inspiration and a fighter. 

Tonight I want to share a few more words dedicated to Patty and anybody that can find value in the message. Never give up, it only takes one day to completely change your life. Step by step….

She grips on to her balance as she watches and says nothing.

The silence screams within, for there is plenty to say,

if only someone would listen. 

There is a storm in her heart, and she fights the demons that haunt her, 

she fights for her voice to be heard.

She chooses her battles wisely, as not all are worth the fight,

and it’s peace and harmony she much rather live. 

But don’t be fooled by her calm and her gentle smile.

Don’t be fooled and abuse her soft nature,

for she is a fighter, for she is beautiful and strong.

She is a warrior and a warriors victory she will claim.



16 thoughts on “A warriors victory 

  1. Wow, i love such posts. loved the title and the fight expressed in the lines.
    I always say a true warrior’s strength lies in the ability to endure any pain, every pain and still be able to get up and keep fighting.

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  2. Damn that is a powerful message and it really hits home with me.
    I know about the fight with inner demons and you have managed to encapsulate it perfectly here.
    another great font of wisdom from you, not that i’m surprised by this. you are inspiring people all over with your words

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    1. Wow what kind words from you to start my morning, thank you so very much. You know I value your wisdom and input very much and couldn’t thank you enough to continue reading my humble posts and messages.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart and have a fantastic day my friend. I’ll catch up on my day off….

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, for stopping by and the follow. I’m touched you could find something in the words and we all have a little warrior inside of us that comes out to fight if we have to. Have a great day.

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  3. Just what I needed to hear. Trying to keep updated with the blog and all my dear cyber friends but sometimes the body says no, slow down. I was really inspired to read your post tonight Warrior Princess, and I hope all is lovely and well on your side of the world 🙂 The fighting spirit is the most important thing we have…never give it up!

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    1. Awe thank you so much. I miss you, how are you doing my strong warrior fairy? I hope you are getting some breathing room my friend. I think I briefly spotted a new post from you at work and I’m looking forward to catching up ❤️

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  4. Rhapsody, I read this in the early morning hours the other day and was overcome with emotion. You are truly my friend and your words captured more of the warrior I have become and am still becoming. I feel overwhelmed that you took the time to write those words for me. Thank you so much. 😙💪💪💖💖💖

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    1. I love you Patty (even tough we never met) and I have a soft spot for you in my heart. It’s not time consuming to find a moment to care about somebody if it truly matters and everything else is just excuses. It makes me happy that you found value in the words and that they have meaning to you. And look at all the comments and the people cheering for YOU. You got this my friend and I’m so proud and grateful for you to consider me your friend. Hugs

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