It’s raining Cats and Dogs….Hallelujah

It’s been stormy in my little corner of the world and the past few days have been filled with howling winds that stripped all the color off of my tree. On top of that it seems as if the flood gates have opened up and it’s been raining Cats and Dogs for days. It’s been awhile and we don’t get that much rain in the high desert, but Father Winter is around the corner and there is definitely a chill in the air and a few unpredictable mountain storms. Last night I fell asleep listening to the rain against my window pane and there is something so soothing about that sound. A feeling that reminds me of how I feel when napping next to a gurgling creek. If you ever had the chance to do it, then you know the one word that comes to mind, truly describing the moment and it is sheer…Bliss. Last night was no different, tucked into my cocoon I was listening to the rain and felt perfectly content while drifting off into dream land. I like to believe that is is where I go while sleeping although I seldom ever remember if and what I dream about. Waking up this morning, the sound was still there and it was still raining. Man, it’s raining Cats and Dogs I thought while getting ready for work. I heard this expression so many times before, but today it made me pause and I wondered where it originated from. Now curious I typed the phrase into the iPad to check what the Internet would have to say. You know “The net” knows everything and I mean everything. It’s quiet amazing to think of all the knowledge that we have at our fingertips, at our immediate disposal to be called upon whenever we feel like it.

Here is what my search returned. Raining Cats and Dogs may refer to a storm with wind (Dogs) and heavy rain (Cats). If it is raining Cats and Dogs it us raining unusually or unbelievably hard. 

Another literal explanation for raining Cats and Dogs is that during heavy rains in 17-century England some city streets became raging rivers of filth carrying many dead Cats and Dogs. 

I don’t like the second definition and I don’t even want to visualize a raging river like this, so I will go with the first definition. It fits my fairytale vision and dreamer state of mind much better and I rather imagine kitties and puppies falling from the sky to land softly in the arms of somebody to love. And this is how it has been over the past few days, not that puppies fell from the sky but it has been very windy with unbelievably heavy rains for this area. 

There was a little flash flood in the parking lot after work today and the sewers couldn’t absorb the water fast enough to keep the pavement clear. The freeway wasn’t much better with standing water puddles everywhere and cars hydro planning everywhere. Closer to my home which includes a tiny climb in elevation, it still was high enough to drive through a few clouds, only to be greeted by a few patches of rain that turned into snowflakes on the other end. To no surprise some invincible cars carrying their impatient drivers where still dashing by me, driving way too fast, not only putting themselves in danger but also everybody else. On my 20 some mile drive home I passed three accidents, probably due to speeding and I hope that other than bent and twisted up metal, nobody got seriously hurt. In Germany I learned that you can pretty much conquer most road conditions if you can take the time to take is slow enough, so please be careful out there. 

It’s chilly tonight and I will call on my fiend Mr. Cozy (the heater) in a moment and follow up with hot tea to settle in for the evening. After tonight the weather is suppose to clear up, even promising temperatures in the low 70’s for my next day off and I’m sure you can guess what is on my agenda. But for tonight I will take one more last look to the heavens and if the wind blows a puppy through the night sky towards my way, I will be sure to catch him or her and hold on very tight. 

Sweet dreams everyone….

My two loves Sparky & Nikki….RIP I love and miss you very much. 


7 thoughts on “It’s raining Cats and Dogs….Hallelujah

  1. Ah ah ah I prefer the puppies falling down to the floor too… like in a candy land with those spiral like lollipops. It reminds me of a Katy Perry videos! Weather is changing here too but I find difficult to imagine what is like in the desert.
    Nice sleeping with rain though… ✌🌧🌈

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      1. Ooooohhhh thank you… I’m in Italy now, when I’m here I’m in coaching projects that really take all my energy and I’m quite overwhelmed eheheh…. But I’m going to be always present for you and your blog!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awe thank you so much xoxoxoxo. It’s funny you should say to live through our work and I think that is exactly what I have been doing. It has become more and I will try to write a post about it tonight and already know you will understand.
        Have a great day 😉🌷💐

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