Missing Fall

Still thinking about fall and hope I get another chance to see some color next week. Temperature wise we will get another little warm up but the wind and rain over the next three days may rip all leaves from the trees. 

Fingers crossed and here are a few of my favorites from previous years. 


4 thoughts on “Missing Fall

  1. I really hope you get to see some more Fall. Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the new chill in the,air, the change from grilled foods to soups and stews. I love going to the Farmers Market and buying acorn squash and Brussels Sprouts still on the stalk. I love pumpkin everything. I love getting into cozy sweaters and boots. I really do wish some more Fall for you.

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    1. I hope so too Patty and I love fall for the same reasons you do. To witness the beautiful color spectacle and the last stand before winter strips the trees down to a barren, naked self. I wore my over the knee boots yesterday with leggings and a long shirt and I enjoyed the transition as well. Xoxoxo

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