Every day brings new opportunity to create those special moments that become the memories of a lifetime.

We don’t remember the ordinary or the routines that we find ourselves in on a daily basis. Those days pass without any significance and rememberance. But what about those moments that get our blood rushing, the ones where we did something a little wild, something out of the ordinary, something a little crazy? I’m talking about the moments that left a lasting impression on us, the moments that stirred our soul!

And while it is easy to get trapped in the hectic of today’s busy lives, we need to remember to be good to ourselves, to nourish our soul and to create as many special moments as possible.

Invest in yourself and take time, whenever you can and as often as you can. Choose wildly…

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5 thoughts on “Moments…❤️

  1. Crazy is totally great feeling when it produces those moments you say! When you feel them you see that everything else can potentially be a resource to achieve one of those craziness instant that make you feel that alive.
    I think about the times I felt this way and I recognize peaks of different experiences, like witnesses of happiness and beacons for future moments of light.
    I just love the photo too, it gives me such a feeling of expansion… so great… 🏔🌟🌹🌹🌹

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    1. Thank you Luca, your words are kind as always and you always understand so much more beyond the words. Life is a challenge sometimes and not all moments always go according to plan, but if we can keep a positive mind and hold on to our beliefs, it is half the battle we fight.
      Hugs xoxoxo

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      1. Hugs for you!!!! Today I will have to work hard, and I’ll think about your pictures to inspire me (not kidding eh, it happens I think about your mountains these days, so I think I really feel your posts in a way :)). Have a glorious day!!! (or night, next time on your commentary can you tell me what time is it for you? :))

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