Winter wonderland…

White, fluffy magic is falling from the sky tonight covering my world in wonder. The first snow of the season has arrived as “Father Winter” is preparing for a new comeback. Did I miss fall all together in this rushed transition that seemed to have gone from summer to winter in no time, skipping fall all together? Perhaps we get another opportunity to catch a few more glimpses, a few more bursts of color begging to be admired once more before we say goodbye to the most colorful season of the year. Perhaps I will be right with my hunch as I don’t think winter is here to stay just yet. Tonight those hopes are disguised by visions of faint silhouettes, trees and buildings competing to be seen through the foggy glow of street lights from across the way. I could easily sit here and lose myself to the hands of time as it is standing still for me. I could simply watch forever.

I am grateful that I don’t have to drive tonight and I’m ready to let Mother Nature unfold her beauty right in front of my eyes. Tonight I don’t have to worry about a too confident, underestimating soul slamming into me while losing control on a slippery patch of ice. Instead it is tonight that I can sit here and admire the raging storm outside while sipping on hot apple cider. And it is tonight that I can feel perfectly safe and sound in the comfort of my castle.

Perhaps it is tonight that I will sleep in the purest form, like a baby, innocent and without a worry in the world….zzzzz….sweet dreams everyone.

View from my neighborhood (last winter)


20 thoughts on “Winter wonderland…

  1. Wow. It’s beautiful, Rhapsody. Your line, “I could simply watch forever” made me think that forever described what you were watching, rather than for how long you could watch. I hope that makes sense. Interpreting it that way tickled me and made me wonder what in my life has ever made me feel that I was watching forever. Something for me to ponder today. It was great to wake up to a new post from you.

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    1. Thank you very much sweet Patty, your kindness always showers me with so much love. I was lucky to find the time to post twice yesterday 😉 of in one post I hopefully got to send a little love your way.
      Now you made me curious and once you ponder, I would love to hear what you have found to gaze upon forever. 😉.
      Have a wonderful day my friend.

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  2. That is and absolutely beautify sentiment, and i live the picture.
    Snow is one of the things that can simultaneously be a source of tremendous wonder as it blankets the world, wiping the slate clean, hiding all the imperfections in the world and leaving behind a blanket of pure white innocence. allowing people, no matter how old they are, to a time fo innocence and joy.
    That being said as anyone who has ever been stuck on the motorway for hours trapped by the snow or has just tried to drive in it, in general, it can also be a tremendous pain in the arse.
    You know that you are a proper grown up when you wake up in the morning, see a fresh blanket of snow and your first thought isn’t “Yipeee”
    There is nothing better on a cold night when it is snowing, being cureld up at home with a hot cup of tea/chocolate and just watching the snow falling.
    Anyway, those are my rambling thoughts. Thank you for this post and i love the picture

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    1. Thank you taking the time and thank you for your wonderful comment. Words aft my own beliefs and you are absolutely right. The stars aligned for me being able to admire it because I didn’t have to drive and worry about others. And this morning, I could wake up to it and still enjoy it without worry.
      I thought the same thing and watched to fluffy white cover all the imperfections, hide the dirt as if rinsing the soul clean. There is something peaceful taking a walk when it is completely still outside (no wind) but the flakes start falling. Not the case yesterday and it was stormy, but still very relaxing to watch while being safe and sound inside.
      Have a wonderful day my friend.

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    1. Thank you very much and I hope you are ok. You are right and some faces of winter are not so beautiful to look at. Growing up in Germany I’m used to the snow, but here in the US people often don’t know how to drive in it and while being careful, you have to watch everybody else on top of it.
      I just started following you and your pictures are beautiful. A reminder of my true home. Thank you for stopping by my humble blog and taking the time to comment.
      Best wishes to you.

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