Beautiful Venice 

Work life is keeping me busy right now and it looks like it will be another couple of days until I will find time to write. “Haste makes waste” I once heard and so I don’t want to just put out anything. As a matter of fact, I’m working on something special inspired by the 3 day quote challenge, but it can’t be rushed 😉. Really nothing in life should be rushed through and it is the opposite, really. Life is fast enough already, I hope you find some time to slow down. Steal an hour here and there and do something for your soul. You’ll be amazed how good it makes you feel.

I leave you with another picture I took, this time in Venice, one of my favorite places on earth and I’m lucky to have visited three times….so far. And yes I will return to this old world charm and the European lifestyle that speaks to my soul and catches my wanderlust. 

Have a great weekend everybody, catch you very soon.

Xoxoxoxo ❤️


27 thoughts on “Beautiful Venice 

  1. Such a beautiful photograph.-… I could not avoid thinking of Thomas Mann´s book “Death in Venice”, which has always been a favorite reading to me!…. happy writing… and weekend to you! … Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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    1. Awe thank you so much Patty for your kind words. You always make me feel special and that what I have to share matters. 😉. I hope you see Venice some day, I just love it.
      And thanks for liking the pictures, photography has always been a hobby and I love the creative aspect and capturing the moment.

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  2. Venice… oh Venice… I have to tell you, I like Venice, but I hate the touristic part of it eheh… It’s so crowded on certain days of the year… But, but… it’s amazing and I love the super narrowed roads, the hidden streets, and the water being everywhere.

    I love the say “haste make waste”, I didn’t know that, and I totaly agree with it. For writing is so true, it’s much better to take a step back and go simple while not having time, because otherwise the best you can obtain is losing grip with the emotions that lays behind your style and write maybe a good piece, but with less soul.

    I wish you a fast (this one yes) going back to normal speed life and with a great hug I wish you a great day!!! 😉

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    1. Thank you Luca, you once again speak words after my in heart. I’m glad you learned a new phrase and I truly believe that if we rush through, we don’t create the best work we could.
      And as far as Venice, I’m sure the tourism takes away from truly enjoying this amazing place and for myself I do t like having to fight the crowds either.
      It’s strange because as much as I love people and hope to make a difference for them, I also seek solitude to recharge my batteries on my days off and love the silence haha.

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      1. Totally true! Burn out is the worse fit the helper as it can change even the ability itself to help. People think as a good psychologist I am immune to this, but that’s so wrong. In fact I came so close to a burn out 5 years ago that I myself had to find help to not becoming insensitive to others.

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      2. Oops I wasn’t done before this sent but I think it is the reason and I think it takes somebody special to not harden up and distance themselves. I had similar experiences and a painful reminder walked into my work last week. And another (her friend) even requested me as a friend on Facebook. And while I have forgiven I will never forgot and have no interest in reopening the wounds and still, despite of all I still choose wanting to help people.

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      3. Noooo you did right of that is your feeling. Old scars can be touched and learnt from, but as wound pain can corrupt the learning process. Sometimes time is the best healer even if we’d like to be that good that we hope we have control on how we heal. And one day we feel it’s ok. It can just hurt again on rainy days but it will be only memory, and a good soul for new roots to grow. 😊

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