3 Day quote challenge – Day 2

I have been asked to partake in a 3 Day quote challenge by radhikagaur.wordpress.com so please be sure to circle back to my nominators blog for more insight. Thank you again for kindly including me and for allowing me to feel empowered to know that my message matters. 
The rules are simply and short:
Thank your nominator and link back to their blog

Write three quotes total, one for each day out of the three  

Nominate three fellow bloggers each day, nine total
I am moving on to day 2 of this challenge and again I contemplate what words I want to leave you with. I selected a quote that ones again hits home for me and is learned through personal experience. 
And here it is….. 

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner” Lao Tzu

Chances are that we will never see eye to eye with every individual that crosses our path and some incidents will leave us with painful memories and hurtful experiences. I think it matters what others think of us and deep down we want to please our fellow humans. I find a common ground with you wanting to be acknowledged, to contribute to society, perhaps even know that your input brings some value to the table. And while we should never stop this pursuit, I also know that there will be criticism and deaf ears at some point. What are you going to do when that happens? When your vulnerable heart is left disappointed, shattered and hurt during that moments of rejection!!!
Unfortunately I have witnessed many people change, (including myself, initially and to a point) to become something or somebody according to the image of what they thought society wanted them to be. With different opinions they were rejected, didn’t fit the norm, while others found it hard to relate, nor were they interested in taking the time to get to know those who were different. 

It left two choices. Either become an outsider, perhaps an introvert at some point, or lose their own beliefs and side with the popular opinion in an attempt to fit in.

It is human nature to look for acceptance, but witnessing such rejection left me feeling sad. I saw more and more of their true nature disappearing in an effort to please others and my decision and choice was born in those moments. A painful process that leaves so much more to be said and evokes the question of which path is the right one for us to travel. 

You may stand for the minority by standing on your own, but there are those that need the “True you”. It may be 

painful at times, but I wonder what is left if it requires you to lose your uniqueness in order to fit in. A prize I am not willing to pay. We become enslaved in the prison of our own creation and you decide if this is your life’s purpose….
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8 thoughts on “3 Day quote challenge – Day 2

  1. Yeah! It’s good to ignore other’s thinking about us..judging is indeed not good because we don’t know, in what situation they are going through so we shouldn’t pass comment on others as like we shouldn’t dwell on what they think about us. It’s really a nice Quote…you rocked it..:) glad to nominate you

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    1. Thank you very much and you are absolutely right. We never know what somebody is going through and we need to practice compassion for each other. By the same token we can’t control if we are judged by others so worrying about it needs to be limited.
      Thank you for your kind words. 😉

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  2. Damn, i feel this quote in my bones. i have been caught prisoner by this a few times in my life and to a certain degree still am, there are people out there that no matter how hard i try not to care, what they think of me is important. one person in particular.
    This is the way of life, from birth we are built to seek approval of other, whiter it is our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, lovers it doesn’t matter who we all care what others think about us and no matter how hard we try it’s always going to be there.
    For me, i agree with this quote, i would add to what ive just said that its not a bad thing to care what others think of you what is the pitfall here is letting that control your life. That is when you are chaining yourself to them. those are my thoughts anyway.
    Thank you for this quote, it is very fitting and cant wait to see what you’re holding back for the grand finale im sure it will be a belter

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    1. Thank you so much, your kindness is beyond and I fully agree with your take on this quote. We all want to do well, find our place in life and contribute and serve other people. There is nothing wrong with this and as a matter of fact at times it feels as if it is a dying quality. Society and greed demands more selfishness that often prevents a helping hand.
      I believe in making a difference for people and of course it is important to receive feedback and to know what they are thinking. So you could think I’m going completely against the quote I just posted, but I’m not. The quote stands for those willing to lose themselves in order to please others. And while I will always think of myself last and mostly put others first (because of that need to please and serve), I cannot lose who I am or believe that this is required in order to find your place amongst society. 😉
      I know you have untold stories about this and I know you get it.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Boy you really put the pressure on now about the last quote I need to post 😉

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      1. I agree with everything you have said there and with the feelings behind your words. I get the feeling that we have led similar lives and have come to the same comclusions even if it has taken different roads.
        There is no pressure at all for the last quote you will do great i have no doubt

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