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Lost and found on the trail…❤️

“Thousands of tired, nerve shaken, over civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity”. -John Muir

Still one of my all time favorite quotes and I never knew how much it would ring true for me. I never read it and I was well into my hiking days as I first came across it. It was the lightbulb coming on kind of moment that made me pause and planted a smile on my face, you know the one you get when all of a sudden things start to make sense and you finally learn as to why you feel a certain way.

My adventure started over ten years ago and my life revolved around a busy retail career, additional chores outside of it and trying to balance responsibilities which left little to no free time for anything else. I once heard somebody say that the higher you climb on the success ladder, the lonelier it gets. There was definitely truth in that statement and the growing demands of retail management left me nerve shaken and tired. I was so tired of being stuck in a rut with the same routine day in and day out that I knew nothing else to my life. Chasing my tail to accomplish my chores, the same fiasco each week with very little time to play. Eventually it was due to medical reasons that forced me to step back as my body went into protest telling me that enough was enough. And then it happened and my miracle unfolded right within my heart.

God saw my struggle and sent an angel my way who introduced me to the trail. Forcing myself through the pain something miraculous happened and I don’t remember if it happened immediately or if it took some time. It’s been over ten years and so many adventures happened since those initial hikes, but I remember the moment in such vivid detail as if it was just yesterday. It was one of the first hikes and as I sat there, feeling accomplished that I made it, (the trails where challenging for me at the time, not because of difficulty, but because I was out of shape and running around in a busy retail environment didn’t necessarily meant that I was physically fit) I was marveling in the beauty of the serene landscape that was lying at my feet. My eyes finally saw and then I felt it for the first time as with a deep sigh a feeling of tranquility took hold of my soul. My busy surroundings became very quiet, my mind was still to a point where there was only the sound of nature. Most people will struggle not to carry a single thought and may say that we always think about something. That the mind keeps us busy and prevents us from truly relaxing. There was nothing for me and my mind was at ease, only taking in that current, special moment. No thoughts of the past, no deadlines that had to be met in the future, nothing that kept me hostage in any kind of way. I had arrived and I was here to stay for awhile and ride the wave of this amazing feeling as long as daylight would permit me to do so.

The wind was swaying through the trees, the birds were chirping and communicating in a secret language understood only by those who could learn to listen. By the ones that could find peace and not take such simple pleasures for granted. The sun was kissing my skin with a warmth and love that made me feel fuzzy and content on the inside as I raised my face, eyes closed towards the ball of love high in the sky.

I was waking up (my first experience with spiritual awakening) to my life’s purpose and “My God” I thought, “How long have I been sleeping and wasting away years of the true meaning for my life”? Life as I knew it would never be the same and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Returning to the real world and running a busy retail store, I found myself left with craving that moment in nature. To feel it again and being alive instead of merely existing in this world. It was something so profound, a shift so immense, a calming effect of the highest magnitude, that it has become a priority in my life. Today, I no longer differentiate between my work life and my trail life as Mother Nature has become my real world. It’s a way of life balance for me and reconnecting with nature is an essential part to juggle the stresses life throws my way. I prioritize and simply find a way to set time aside, it is a must and a means to recharge my batteries to meet the demands of my work life. No excuses, just an essential as I fulfill that call with a sense of urgency and with the attitude of “If there is a will, there is a way” kind of mentality.

With millions of moments and memories to be grateful for, I continue to thank my angel for giving me my life back and helping me realize how lost I was. To help me get lost all over again but into the right direction this time and for helping me understand that getting lost never felt so right.

Xoxoxo ❤️



I'm a dreamer and hopeless romantic who believes that there is always a silver lining to everything. Now, inspired by the simple life, I have learned that less is more and that we find magic all around us if we take the time to notice. Life is a journey and a process that is ever changing. We are constantly evolving in the matter of who we are as we align our stars and shed a past no longer in line with our highest self. I don't easily fit conventional norms, not because I'm a rebel, but because of resenting the pull that threatens to take me away from my true beliefs and my unique personal identity. I support the power of "Choice" and the ability for us to be the architects of our own lives. Some of these choices should have something a little wild about them as they form the moments that forever stay edged in our memory and make our hearts beat with wonder. Nobody will remember the ordinary. For myself, I'm a warrior who has fallen many times, who has gone through trails an tribulations and who is no stranger to adversity. After all, my choice remains clear, to get back up and stand stronger than ever. To recognize that it often takes our darkest moments to mold us into who we were meant to be. I have learned to trust the process and stay positive through the challenges. I trust it to be the only way to prevent my heart from hardening and allowing bitterness to creep in. I believe in the power of "NOW" as it is the only moment we truly ever have. The past is gone, unchangeable and the future hasn't happened yet. All we can impact is the current moment. Everything starts with a choice and hopefully with one that has something wild about it and may even scare you to death to execute. DO IT...I promise you won't regret it. This blog is my voice to share my Journey. If I could describe this adventure in short, I would call it "Spiritual awakening" with a yearning for "Freedom" and going after the things that truly matter. To seek a less complicated life that is stripped down from the many obligations and responsibilities that often tie us down. For me it is a life free of rules and regulations, one that allows me to escape the must expectations while jumping off the hamster wheel that is spinning faster all the time. To be on my own time and live each day to the fullest, to make it all slow down by banishing routine and unleashing my creativity/artistic values in an effort to entertain whatever subject comes to mind. And if lucky, to perhaps offer a different view to my readers, one that speaks to your soul vs. the demands of what society might expect. It is one that empowers you to be your unique self and follow the beat of your own drum. I am dreaming big as I trail blaze the path to a new life and becoming a storyteller. I find my inspiration in the little things in life, in Mother Nature and on the trail that provides the adventures and the backdrop for a book someday. My hope is to inspire "Courage" in others who might find themselves on the brink of taking that first step. This blog serves as a foundation for my collection of personal thoughts, opinions and experiences and by no means am I an expert on any topics mentioned. To my readers I would say that the universe connects us by a common thread, we all search and we all have something to say. We don't always have to meet in person to share a strong bond and people enter our path for a reason. Some stay for a short time and serve their purpose, while others teach us a lesson and help us become stronger through experience. And a few special ones remain as the treasures we hold dear over a lifetime and touch our hearts beyond means. In whatever way we are meant to be, I thank you for crossing my path and for stopping by. I hope that I have left you inspired, full of wonder and with a few "Wild Choices" to make....Hugs XO

24 thoughts on “Lost and found on the trail…❤️

      1. It’s a much different experience then hiking. One because of the physical demands of having to carry 40+ pounds and no bathrooms and conveniences as such. But it is also the purest form of connecting with nature in my opinion and you are not restricted to busy campgrounds filled with neighbors. If you truly want to get away, backpacking is the way to go as it will allow you complete solitude by pitching your tent at whatever beautiful spot you find that speaks to your heart along the way.

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  1. There are always these quizzes around about what type of person you are. There was one asking if you were a beach or mountain person.
    Everybody around said beach. I was the only mountain. I love the beach, especially after spending winter in the UK and the lack of sunlight and warmth gets to you, but I never find there the peace I get from the mountains.
    It’s primal. It’s something that deeply connects to the soul and I completely understand your feelings.

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  2. Wow I could feel the air on the skin and the noises of the mountains. It is like being transported the and feel the re-gaining of reality when you “woke up”. I had a similar experience in a pinewood in Tuscany… with harsh sun and strong cicadas’ noise but nothing compared to these wonderful places. It’s so wonderful to have a call from these mountains. I hope I can see them some day! 🙂

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      1. Yeaaaahhh! I hope to see them in person too!! 😀 Actually I’m trying to create some more opportunities to travel more for work, so who knows. And then if you like we can go hiking together (but remember I’m a noob at that too eheheh)!

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  3. What an absolutely beautiful story and photos. I found you by doing a search simply using the word “trail.” I am so glad to have crossed your mountain path – what an amazing journey you’ve been on.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much Michelle, your words mean everything to me and it warms my heart to learn that you enjoyed my little post.
      You are right and it has been quiet the journey and I hope to bring inspiration and something to hold on to others.
      I had a change to check your blog and needless to say I’m already hooked and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind words. Hugs xoxoxoxo

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