Budshi-do – The way of the Warrior

As the little blog has grown to it’s first 100 followers, I had a chance to interact with quiet a few very special people. I truly cherish and value the friendships we have built in this short time and a few things became very apparent and obvious to me. We all fight our battles in life, some in loneliness and silence, some to use our lessons in the hope of helping others. To inspire and give strength when weakness overcomes us or to lend a understanding that you are not alone. I think that has been my sole purpose and what I hope to achieve and wish for.

No matter the reason as to why we write, there is a common desire to be heard, to contribute, perhaps even to find relief by getting burdens that weigh us down off of our chest.  

Writing offers acceptance and encouragement that often is denied in real life. It is not because others don’t care, but because our lives have sped up so much, becoming more stressful and hectic that there is simply no time for anything else. That is unless you become aware and fight to not get sucked into this viscous cycle. 

Maybe we are alone and have nobody to share our deepest thoughts with, maybe they don’t fit the norm of what society expects of us. Maybe we are a little different and fear rejection. Maybe we feel that we simple don’t fit in. If so, you must remember that it is not you that doesn’t fit, but that it is society who is failing you by not taking the time to acknowledge your unique nature and your special gifts. Be patient and keep fighting. And keep praying that those who are lost will find their path just as you have. 

Once again it was Pinterest and my love for quotes pointing me to my personal mantra board and finding solace in Native American wisdom. Like an ancient long forgotten breed I could relate to the words and wondered if these virtues and values were still existent in the real world today. In a way I knew they were, it’s the optimist in me, but the numbers seemed to decline with too few of them in between and it appeared that many of you felt the same. At first I questioned myself and maybe it was just me being lost, maybe I was the one not fitting in since the majority of people seemed so much greater and I was the minority. It became a battle off and on that always ended with a choice. Either giving up my values, losing who I was to conform to the way society expected me to be, or to stand my ground, fight my battle and except to be one of the few along this lonely path. It was you who encouraged me by allowing me to get to know you and who instilled reassurance that I was not alone.

From reading your stories, I know many of you face the same decisions and there is no right or wrong answer but a rather personal decision that may vary from person to person. For me it was not optional to lose myself and because of it I have come to know a great deal of pain. Still it remains the only way for me. I am not a rebel that seeks to challenge, but I will fight for my beliefs even if it means that I have to go against the grain to maintain the integrity of staying true to myself. 

My inner warrior was born and my war bonnet became a symbol of my fight. It’s an escape that gives me strength and that motivates me to keep fighting for what I believe in. Plus it’s pretty unique and I’m not afraid to be different and to stand alone, nor am I afraid of judging remarks or the misunderstandings as to why I pull it out some time. A good friend once said that “Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset”. Words that resonate with me and something I have come to be proud of vs. being afraid of. 

Recently I came across Budshi-do The way of the warrior and I hope to share with you a little inspiration and perhaps understanding when things don’t make sense. Yet….and they will some day. I hope you find strength and motivation between the words and embrace the struggle, for it is always worth it in the end and this is how it goes.

Budshi-do The way of the warrior
I see through different eyes.

I see a big picture when others see grey skies.

Though many can’t conceive it, I stand…facing the wind.

My bravery not from fighting, but from my strength within, I am a Warrior.

I’ll walk to extra mile.

Not because I have to, but because it’s worth my while.

I know that I am different, when I stand on a crowded street.

I know the fullness of winning; 

I’ve tasted a cup of defeat. 

I am a Warrior. They say I walk with ease.

Though trained for bodily harm, my intentions are for peace.

The world may come and go, but a different path I choose.

A path I will not stray from, no matter win or lose.

Xoxoxo ❤️


23 thoughts on “Budshi-do – The way of the Warrior

    1. That is me too my friend and we struggle to be heard at times. Frustrating to say the least as we have so much to offer if we were only given the chance.
      Thank you for your kind words as always. You know you are a warrior yourself 😉

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    1. Thank you so much Patty, this means a lot and I think you are right. The world and most people struggle with those who are different then themselves. Being on the closed minded side, they find it hard to relate and in return stay away from you which can cause isolation, withdrawal and loneliness. It’s tough sometimes but it always passes and a sunny bright day is just waiting around the corner.
      I know you understand all too well what I am saying.
      Thank you so much for taking the time, your support means the world to me and I always look forward to you stopping by.

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  1. Loved your post! Beautifully written, inspiring, and full of wisdom. It’s comforting to see others on a similar path towards setting our voice and soul free. I like the label you used- warrior- very empowering! Carry on 😀 👍🏻you’re on the right track

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    1. Thank you so very much for stopping by and your kind comment. Feedback always has so much meaning for me and I’m glad the post spoke to you. I speak from the heart and it takes one warrior to recognize another and therefore you are fighting the good fight as well. I’m happy that our paths have crossed and to know that there are more and more like minded beautiful people out there fighting for the same cause. Hugs to you and best wishes.

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  2. Sometimes i think everyone should have a blog.
    Blog = Freedom.
    To do what you want and live your life fully.
    That quote there on being weird…
    I have been called weird quite a couple of times, fits me well. Beautiful!
    I rephrased my own quote through time similar..
    “Understand being different does not mean your wrong..
    Your special, even if it means your alone and no ones in the same page as you.. as long as you believe in yourself..your special.”
    Great post my dear!

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    1. Thank you again for always taking the time and for your support, it means so much and I love your re phrase of your quote. There is so much meaning between those words and being different and unique is beautiful if we learn to embrace it and use our gifts to enrich the world. One person at a time. I once heard that your vibe attracts your tribe….Thanks for being in my tribe.

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  3. I love this post as always you have a wonderful insight and a great way to inspire me and feel in a wonderful company in this world. I think it’s so true that life sped up… we’re growing poorer, as time is the only real money we have… I saw a commercial saying this recently and when I resurrected my blog I saw it’s something I thought myself some time back and couldn’t even remember. I have an horrible memory I know, but I think it’s this increasing life speed we have to reach to stay with other people that makes us forget about the important. We don’t have time as we don’t even remember how critical is to us in this reality.

    The warrior path is lonely, and this helps to slow down and reach a deeper truth inside us. But of course sometimes it is nice to ride our physical or virtual horses and reach other people with awakened warriors inside them to understand that if only we keep our fight for as much as we can, maybe other warriors will wake up and feel the strength of friendship and alliances… So thank you very much for your posts! I loved it and feel closer to your path.

    May our ancestors, with all their merits and flaws remember us how wonderful is to live and enjoy every second.

    Have a wonderful day and as I’m on my laptop I can’t emoticonly “rose” you, but you just imagine them at the end of my smile. 😉

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    1. Such wise words Luca and as always you shower me with your kindness. I feel as if we have the same soul, an old one that has many insights.
      You are right with every word as I can relate and feel the same. It is so refreshing and nice to connect with like minded people like yourself and to know that there is understanding and that the other person doesn’t think that you have gone crazy. I once was talking about vibrations to somebody and from their response I’m sure they thought I was going insane hahaha. We all awaken at different times and have to choose what is important to us, what is our mantra and what are we fighting for. As you know nature recharges my batteries as well and I try to slow time as much and as often as I can.
      Best wishes my friend and enjoy your time. And as always thank you so much for all your kindness and for always taking the time to read and comment. You are amazing my friend….


      1. You’re amazing too, and together we create amazingly nice reading moments. I really enjoy your style, not meaning only for the language I’m learning, but for the warmth of your words which is not predictable. I feel they’ve been shaped by fire of a Life Adventurer never falling back when things get difficult. Than you know, people have the right to be afraid of some ideas as we live in a world where A LOT of people use words like energy, vibration, holistic, shamanism with no depth, just to create beliefs with the goal of convincing others, make proselytes for big public figures or for making money themselves. I passed my “guru” moment a few years ago and found myself in the same position to try explain something which is corrupted by personal interest in the public’s eye. Good thing is am a scientist before everything, and I see the same “good distance” in your words when you speak of these topics, so it’s just forget about people who think you’re crazy and find a different and more rational way to make people get close to the topic helping them using their language. It’s not popular, or at least in my experience eheh but I’m a powerless fool in this world. I thingk it’s a good way though to reach people who can take the positive effect of your words respecting their need to see them in their own perspective even if it seems more limited. Maybe one day those people will come back and use the right words losing the fear of saying them because they understood their deep meaning. Have a marvelous day and thank you very much for writing me back. 🙂

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      2. And once again you you h my heart Luca. We have never met but we connect through vibration and you understand me better than most people I come in contact with in real life. Thank you it means the world and I believe you too understand because you may have faced tough times in your life. I believe if we can take those times and learn vs. becoming bitter and hard in our thinking, we maybe allowed to serve as great inspiration for others when days are dark.
        I hold you like the little post “lover of mountains” I dedicated to you hehehe and I also nominated for a bloggers award. I hope you accept 😉 as it is well deserved.
        Have a wonderful day….


      3. What? seriously? Wow thank you I didn’t know there is a blogger award… I feel so noob right now eh eh eh well I feel flattered thank you very much!!!! 😀 i will have you in mind this last day saying goodbye at the mountains we love for inspiration than! 😀 and I’m going to see the lover of the mountains now… thank you so much! 😀🌹🌹🌹

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