Ticket to Heaven… 

Just yesterday I found this “Ticket to Heaven” at work. Initially I didn’t think anything of it, nor did I gave it a closer look, but instead I past it on to a young co worker who took the ticket and turned to walk away. In that same instant I got called away to help a customer and that was the end of the ticket incident, or so I thought. Either way, no additional words were exchanged about the ticket and I forgot all about it.Today a coworker (somebody else) handed me the “Ticket to Heaven” and smiled. I told her about the incident last night and said that the ticket had made it full circle back to me. Apparently the person I handed it to yesterday thought it was a joke and was not in need of it. Perhaps it was mine to have, perhaps another sign and I tell you what “Heaven is not free and not just anybody walks through the pearly gates, so who wouldn’t want to claim this ticket?”. I did, and decided to carry it with me on my journey through life. Somehow the little pamphlet had taken on a different meaning today and had found a way into my heart. I became aware of the sign I missed yesterday and was reminded to not take life for granted. 

Number 0202401 my “Ticket to Heaven”, admit one. 

And while I hope to redeem my ticket some day at the gates of heaven, I am on my way to a little four day preview of Heaven on Earth as I backpack the Sierra Nevada Mountains for the last time this year before Father Winter arrives. 

Into the woods I go to reconnect with my soul in solitude and in quiet, I leave the hectic be for a little while. 

And while I’m stripped to the bare necessities, it is then that I feel that I am at my richest. 

While I leave the modern conveniences and Wifi behind,  I know that I will find an even better connection out there.

I allow the thoughts to come and go, to pass through me without focusing and concentrating my mind on subjects.

My worries disappear and I grant the pieces to fall into place as they are meant to be, without interference. 

I listen to the sound of nature, the wind swaying in the trees and the birds singing a comforting melody. My spirit becomes free from all chains while my soul recharges to gather strength to fight another fight. (When the time comes)

No deadlines will find me rushing around but instead I will nap furiously, in a hammock stretched between trees in front of the most majestic mountain ridge you can imagine. (Pictures will follow :))

I feel the sun on my skin and I’m in awe of the beauty that lies in front of me. And it is in that moment that I’m forever grateful to witness such magic, as it stirs my heart in ways I have never known until I found myself lost and found on the trail many, many moons ago. 

I know I will miss everybody here on WordPress and I look forward to reading your adventures and witness your amazing talent once again when I get back. 

Have a great weekend everybody….

Xoxoxo ❤️


18 thoughts on “Ticket to Heaven… 

    1. Oh my goodness I am beyond humbled and honored by your kindness. What a surprise and I am in complete shock ( in a good way ).
      Thank you so very very much, it means more than I could ever express and I could bestow the same upon you as you know that I am one of your biggest fans.
      I have work to do and need to find out more about this, as this is new to me. I’m speechless and can’t thank you enough my dear friend.
      I will check it out in the morning before work 😉. Thank you ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bloggers appreciating other bloggers…that’s what I love about the WordPress community 🙂 I didn’t know much about it either… but just follow the instructions on the post (that’s what I did) 🙂 Enjoy your day dear!

        Liked by 1 person

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