Free your Faith…

The other day it became obvious to me that we all attain a certain level of expertise when it comes to giving advice. We are guided by our life experiences and the hope of sharing our opinions and perspective with others. I also learned that giving advice is often not all that easy and perhaps results more times than none in a hit and miss scenario. Timing is essential, even more so as writers when we don’t see the other person, and we put our information out there unable to know if it is relevant to someone. Our words may go unnoticed and missed, but perhaps they reach one soul that can draw strength from it. There is always that faith and the hope that it does. Reaching somebody at the perfect time when they are in need of that particular advice, or even deeper as to when they are in the right frame of mind to understand the advice, is essential. Unfortunately we don’t always see that need and some of us have learned well to cover our emotions by giving the outside world the feel that everything is handy dandy. But is it really? Who are we fooling and better yet, for how long can we maintain this status without sacrificing our existence and our own happiness?After the initial comment about my faith bracelet, it had become a daily companion for me. Silently it was wrapped around my wrist while giving me strength and speaking not only to me but apparently to others as well. Two additional people had noticed and asked me if “Faith” was my name. Each one was surprised to find out that it was not and that I had chosen to publicly display my opinion, perhaps suggesting and encouraging others with this one word statement. The last person left, looking back at me while waiving and saying “Ok, you keep the faith now ok!” Was it really that unusual to have faith, was faith a dying virtue?

The personal mantra board on Pinterest was also the single one board to keep growing with followers and it wasn’t a matter of gathering likes, but it was a matter of reaching people. To find a common ground with others through pins and to share something (advice and guidance if you will) that could lend the viewer strength whenever they were in need of such. As my audience was growing on WordPress, it was the comments that meant the most to me. To learn about the input of others and to share my opinion by putting it out there, hopefully in a time where somebody could draw from it. I felt as if the world was in need of something to hold on, as if there was a yearning for like minded souls to connect, to cling together and gather strength from the ones that wouldn’t be quiet. The ones that wouldn’t cover their emotions, but the ones that made themselves vulnerable by having the courage to put their heart on the table. I hoped to be a living example and show that there is strength, healing and perhaps even closure to be found in facing whatever it is you have experienced. You don’t have to hide your emotions and keep them bottled up inside while allowing the demons to diminish and depress your beautiful soul. Even if only one person understands your journey, you are never alone. Remember…always…

My last two posts have been a very personal journey that lies close to my heart and deals with great loss. Years later I remember it with such vivid detail as if it only happened yesterday. My soul was scared and with that I say that I am an open book and with vulnerability I lie before you. Un-afraid of judgement or perception, it is what it is and I let my emotions run wild and free only to be real. I don’t have to compete, but I seek to help and share my acquired life wisdom if your ears are in need of listening to what I have to say. I appreciate all of you as we are all special and unique and I thank you for your input, your comments and for allowing me to learn more about you.

And by “Keeping the faith” I hope you attain a dangerous level of freedom.

Xoxoxo ❤️


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