The fight…

A little inspiration and my mantra for today. Nothing comes easy or is a given. Today I remind myself to fight for what I believe in and marvel in the pursuit to uncover the true meaning of my purpose. I remind myself to make my dreams happen instead of waiting for them to fall into place. And most of all I remind myself to enjoy the journey and to not forget how to live,  for it is then that I truly feel alive.

Best to all…❤️

She has a quiet confidence that screams loud.

She is humble, but strong.

She is stable, but rebellious.

She is giving, but not naive.

She chooses her battles wisely.

She’ll stay silent until it’s time to fight and when that time comes,

she will fight and she will win.


20 thoughts on “The fight…

  1. Wow Rhapsody this is such an inspiration post. 🙂

    You’ve said it right it’s always great to work for your dreams than waiting for them to fall.

    Still. It’s not that easy Rhapsody. I’ve experienced it. But thanks to you who wrote this post to motivate me. Loved it Rhapsody. 😘😊

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    1. You are right and I have experienced it as well. It’s hard work being the creator of your own life and hopefully inspiring others along the way. It’s a fight for what you believe in and that’s where my inner warrior and the Native American head dress was born. It’s an escape and reminder for me,me specially when times are tough.
      Something to hold on to and to remember is that even those storms pass and reveal sunnier, brighter days. And without the storms we wouldn’t be who we are and perhaps never know the true meaning of life. ❤️


  2. “She’ll stay silent until it’s time to fight and when that time comes,she will fight and she will win.” Writing that on my wall. I absolutely LOVE it. You have the ability to sink deep into the soul and express things that hide there so beautifully. This gives me an idea for an illustration! Thanks for the daily inspiration dear!

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  3. Reblogged this on RhapsodyBohème and commented:

    Today I need a little reminder to continue to work towards my goals. To remind myself that it is me who creates the future and that it is me who will make it all happen. There will be no regrets to take a leap, only a few more pieces that have to fit into their rightful spot.
    So put your war bonnet on and fight for what you believe in. After all “Life is short”


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