Perception-Truth or Judment…YOU decide! 

Food for thought…
By now I had plenty of opportunities to learn that things are hardly ever as they seem. Especially when it comes to the truth in comparison to how they appear to our perception, the ego. Either a big sigh of relief engulfs us when things turn out better as we expected them to be, or a hint of disappointment creeps up when the situation varies from the mental short film of our expectations that burned itself into our minds. Perhaps we encountered a different reaction in regards to our efforts, maybe the reaction was non-existent all together. What a waste of time I might have thought in the past when basic courtesies fell to the wayside and I was left with no choice other then to check it off due to a lack of appreciation and gratitude. Our perception forms what we believe it to be the truth, based on little to no facts, which eventually cause us to either stop doing those things all together, or we stop caring.
Sad…when you think about how often the truth is passed up when we let only perception rule our lives.
They say that the perception of somebody becomes their truth and somehow this never sat well with me. I didn’t want to believe in it and although I knew it to be the truth of many, I didn’t wanted it to be my truth. I had seen too many hurt in the process of perception as it does not know the “real truth”, the deciding facts which without lead to false impressions, judgement and pain. By no means am I saying that first impressions are not important, and on many occasions my initial gut feeling was right on in seizing a situation. I guess I’m trying to invoke the consideration of giving perception the doubt in the pursuit of the facts, the truth, more love for each other, more compassion and less pain.
Perception may be the furthest from the truth and yet it is somebody’s truth. Imagine what could be if we helped change that perception! Especially if it is a negative one as positive perceptions seldom require change. Imagine what could be if we stopped our own negative perception dead in its tracks!!! If we continued to listen to our hearts vs. letting the reaction of others rule what we wanted to do!!! Wasn’t there a reason why we did something the begin with and didn’t we do those things out of the kindness of our heart?

Shouldn’t we continue to be who we are, regardless of others and their perception of us? So how can we do that you might wonder and once again I can only speak from my own experiences. My choice is not to jump to conclusion, to learn the facts, by giving somebody the time of the day, by not passing judgement and becoming aware of my own thoughts.

I know I’m a dreamer filled with hope, maybe a little naive at times but always convinced about the good in the world and that anything is possible if we put our mind to it….so….Wouldn’t that be a wild idea and worth trying?


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