Picture of Rocky at the Animal Ark in Reno, NV, a wildlife sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals. And yes, I visit him often 😉

Warning, this post is something a little different from what I usually write about, but it is something that happened last night and it got me excited enough to share with you. It’s the little things that often bring me the biggest of joys and I hope you can enjoy as well. ❤️

As the full sturgeon moon was dominating the night sky, it was as if it’s bright afterglow was pointing a flashlight onto Mother Earth. It was late and I was driving home when my headlights caught a set of eyes and a round little figure heading for a storm gutter. Effortless it disappeared, even though it seemed so much bigger than the opening it vanished into. I knew right away what and who had escaped my view so quickly. I had to hang out for awhile to hopefully see more and turned into the quiet side road. I came to a stop in front of the storm gutter that was to my right and I waited full of hope to be granted another glimpse.
It was silent, nothing happened and for a moment I thought for sure that I had scared the round little fur ball off. I was almost ready to leave as little hands emerged, reaching towards the full moon. Eventually a head was peeking out, looking from side to side until the entire little creature was finally sitting next to the drain. Just sitting there, waiting, it was looking up at the moon as if it was admiring it’s beautiful glow. Then another set of hands appeared as yet something else caught my eye. It was moving from the other side of the street and came from the house that was engulfed by trees, warning signs to keep out and strange metal signs that adorned the fence, one of them being a raccoon crossing sign, along with other somewhat creepy little statues of skulls and demons. The vegetation had grown in so much and was so thick, you could have thought that you found yourself in a little patch of jungle. You couldn’t even see what the actual house looked like and the vegetation served as a living fence. That was exactly where the movement came from and I turned my head towards that direction.

And then I saw her and there she was….Roslyn….the neighborhood raccoon. It wasn’t our first encounter and I always kept an eye out for her when I drove through the neighborhood at night, but I hadn’t seen her in forever. And yes I did name her as I do all animals I come in contact with, since they are all living souls to me. 😉

Roslyn had come out of the shrubs, walking side ways with her back arched and rounded like a cat who was going to defend her little pack against the steel monster. She appeared to be floating across the road, on her tippy toes all while never losing eye contact with me. It looked a bit silly, like a coon stand off, (wait is there such a thing lol) and it made me smile as she danced across the road to say the least. She saw me, or perhaps I should say that it was me who saw her for the first time this evening. I was sure that while I was watching her babies, I was the one being watched by her and perhaps she had taken on this stance with the instinct of protecting her young. My windows were rolled down during this warm summer night as she paused in front of my car just a short distance away. She was still impressive and unpredictable and for a moment I considered if she was going to attack my car or crawl underneath. But then her back was beginning to relax and though she knew I was there, perhaps I was no longer a threat.

The second baby had emerged by now as she went to greet her family, reassuring them with motherly love that everything was ok. Reunited, it was neat to watch them interact for a few minutes before Roslyn began to step back out into street towards the jungle house. She stopped in front of my car and looked at me while I was fumbling with my phone and another camera trying to get a picture. Of course to no avail and it was too dark. She turned towards her young and made a noise I had never heard before. Immediately her little ones jumped into action as she called them to follow her. The little raccoon train past in front of my car and turned left to walk past the side of my window. I looked out and saw the little gang pass right underneath me. For a moment our eyes met as Roslyn looked up at me before the three bodies vanished into the thick bush. For a few minutes she had granted me to watch her and her family and I was happy that the timing had aligned and I got to see the proud Momma and her pack.

I will be looking for you Roslyn ❤️


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