Today’s vibe…Be yourself

Not a quote but something I came across and was pondering.

While we seek acceptance and our place in the world…

While we hope to be heard in our yearning to contribute to humanity…

And while we alter and adjust ourselves, to portray who we believe that society wants us to be….have you ever wondered if it is worth the price of losing yourself in the progress? Have you ever considered the sacrifice you are making when you suppress your true self? Exhausting to say the least. We need to remember to uphold and embrace the truest/purest version of ourselves. One that is free to soar without being stifled by the need of becoming a more acceptable version. Who decides this anyways, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Be yourself and embrace your own unique light….the world will adjust!


5 thoughts on “Today’s vibe…Be yourself

  1. This has been on my mind a lot over the last several months. In the past, I have tried to cut myself down to size to fit into somebody else’s idea of who I should or shouldn’t be. Along the way, I lost parts of myself that I am slowly getting back. I’ve always felt like I’m too this or not enough of that. Partially because of what other people say. Partially because I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere or belonged. So I always felt like I had to change in order to fit in or belong. Now I’m realizing that there’s much I don’t like about society or it’s expectations so what difference does it make if I belong or not?I’m just going to be me and if they don’t like, oh well.

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    1. I feel your pain and can totally relate but also applaud you for your choice to be yourself. It is exhausting trying to pretend to be someone only for the gain to be accepted and to fit in. You lose yourself in the end and it is never worth it. It’s ok to be yourself as you are beautiful already and the right people will see that in you. It’s ok to be unique, you don’t have to follow the masses and blend in. Let your light shine bright, even if it mean that you have to stand alone at times.
      Please also see my post titled “Does not play well with others” and “Negativity-The emotional vampire” as they deal with the same subject and my personal experiences with. I will soon follow up with another post about the need to fit in.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, for visiting my blog and for following it. I’m honored to have you ❤️
      Much love and all the best.

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