The day of up’s and down’s

July 20th, the day of up’s and down’s.

The full moon was dominating the night sky and casting it’s golden glow on the nearby mountain range. Now and then the hauling of coyote’s in the distance pierced the night sky and only added to the ambience and the overall feel.

It was my birthday and for the first time it felt as if there was a different meaning behind this special day. It wasn’t just another birthday like the others had been, or being another year older and growing ancient. I had met people who were afraid of having another birthday while they dismissed celebrating it all together. As if this would prevent them from growing older or stop time all together. My birthdays had always been special due to people in my life who made sure that I knew how much I meant to them, but yet there was something even more fulfilling this year as I sat there night-dreaming and reminiscing.

I had seen my up’s and down’s, but for the first time I felt comfortable with my age. Yeah, it was hard to believe where the time had gone, but I had no regrets, no sentimental feelings of the past nor the future. The only thing that mattered was now, this very moment and the feeling of knowing that I was exactly where I needed to be.

My eyes were fixed on the giant moon and its strength to illuminate the landscape with such brightness that you could freely walk without the fear of darkness. I felt grateful for “another” birthday and a new chance to take a stab at this thing called life. I was thankful of being blessed with yet “another” year of up’s and down’s that were filled with valuable life experiences that became my teachers and helped me grow into the person I was becoming. And I felt appreciative to be given “another” opportunity for trying to become the best version of myself. I couldn’t ask for anything more and it was with a deep satisfaction and feeling fully awake, I knew within my heart that I was closer to my life’s purpose and my true self then I had ever been.
“Happy birthday moon-child” I heard myself mumble while smiling at the moon.


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