Oh dear little one…

I was born on the day after my Mother’s birthday, perhaps a belated birthday present, perhaps a birthday filled with labor pains depending on how you look at things. I made my final debut on the day that would later be known for as “The day of ups and downs”. I just recently had read about this and yes you guessed it, it only stirred more questions that were left unanswered. For now….but oh boy, what ups and downs would my life include and come to know?

I was born at home with the help of a nurse and my crib was an oval shaped wicker basket that had handles on either side. It allowed my bed to be portable and to be transported from room to room. My pillow and blanket was homemade, hand sewn and stuffed with goose feathers for warmth and comfort. Although there are no known pictures of me in my crib, I can envision it very clearly as if my adult version was hovering and looking down onto my infant self. 

Oh dear little one…bless-ed be thy journey.

For sure it was a different era back then, with fewer store bought items and more handmade crafts as well as simpler resources. But that itself is questionable in today’s modern world and with what we interpret as simple. It can’t get much simpler than browsing an endless online array of everything you could imagine. With the click of a mouse you have access to the cyber mall that ships everything to your very doorstep, eliminating the need of setting foot into an actual store. What I’m trying to say is that times were different and my parents and therefore I was not accustomed to the modern conveniences we know today. It’s an era long gone that forced people to be more creative and make the most out of their resources.
As we have more than ever, in a strange way we also have less then ever and from time to time I allow myself to get lost in a beautiful dream. A smile finds its way to light up my face as I’m transported back to those innocent times and the stories that I have been told. I float in a make believe world and imagine what it was like and how these moments came to unfold. What emotions were felt about the simple joys of life and how society was richer in so many ways. It’s pure magic and I’m at peace, for I have little but I have it all and I am perfectly content. My life is complete and is spread out in front of me in an unassuming, not knowing manner.

My first breath was taken in Germany but little did I knew that my life would not start until many years later.

At this innocent and unassuming moment in time, back in Germany my life was fulfilled in the simplicity of all I ever needed…


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