My first breath…

My first breath was taken in a small farming village located in central Germany. There was one main road winding through the heart of the village with no stop lights, a tiny convenience store, a bakery and a butcher store. There was also a kindergarten, an elementary school for the first 5 years, there was a practicing doctors office and a dentist. I could literally walk from one end of town to the other end in a matter of 45 minutes. Everybody knew everybody and by knowing everybody, I mean it included everybody’s business and knowing their personal story, which in return required a certain level of nosiness and gossip. What other excitement was there to be found in the country and on the streets that were run by tractors and other farming equipment.

In my teenage years, gossip proved to become my pet peeve and I couldn’t stand the hush hush whispers, the stolen glimpses, the quick over the shoulder turn to check if the coast was still clear. As if you were about to be caught because after all you were spreading nothing but nuisance in conveying your interpretation of what might had started as a rumor. Personal spins were added and the “Have you heard….” story would always evolve with no shortage of exaggeration. Im sure you have seen it unfold in front of you before, you may have found yourself a victim of such behavior, or you may even have participated in such acts yourself. While not dismissing such behavior as acceptable, please “Relax” for there are always various reasons which are personal to each one of us. We all deal with issues that cause us to behave in ways outside of what I would call our true self and today my view has changed and has become less judgmental.
But for now it was the middle of summer and this small German village was welcoming another tiny citizen to their community. Me….


2 thoughts on “My first breath…

  1. So that’s the story about your tiny hometown near Nuremberg (where I was born) and Ansbach (the family of my wife is from that area). This old photographs of you and your parents look just like mine or my wife’s. It was just the look of that time….You have a great blog, there is so much to read and explore which I will thoroughly do! Thanks for sharing this great contents!

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    1. Yes it is and thank you so much for your kind words and follow as it means a lot to me. I started this blog a few month ago because as we ho through life, I believe there is so much to be said and at times others need to relate and know that they are not alone when it comes to serious subjects. I hope to be able to do that, although I pretty much write about whatever comes to mind. I can’t wait to read more about your stories and already know it will allow me to visit home as I might even recognize a few streets. 😉 thank you again and have a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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